Robert Pattinson in Budapest

Robert Pattinson Budapest

It might be that you have not noticed it, but we have for sure noticed that Robert Pattinson is in town. Last Sunday during a guided tour we suddenly had to drive somewhere else, as the Andrassy Avenue betweeen Deak Square and Oktogon was closed down due to filming. At that I time I did not know who was there, but later I saw on television that Robert Pattinson was there recording scenes to a new film named Bel Ami. Who is Robert Pattinson? The main character from the incredibly popular Twilight films.

The recording will last for ten more days or something, and soon Uma Thurman is coming to Budapest as well, so if you would like to see either of them live, this is your chance in Budapest. The film Bel Ami is set for cinemas in 2011.

According to RTL Klub the reason for recording the film in Budapest was the cheap costs, renting the Andrassy Avenue for a day only costed 2,5 million forints.

At a clip I saw this morning of Robert Pattinson coming out from his hotel, it could easily be seen that he is living on Grand Hotel Royal, so if you would like to see him, maybe you should start there!

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