Bigot Pavilon exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts

Bigot pavilonWe mostly recommend our next article to those who love to admire. We are talking about an exhibition at the beautiful and symbolic museum of Budapest, the Museum of Applied Arts. Visitors could see a part of the museum’s 2013 project of Art Nouveau with the title Bigot Pavilon.

Everything started in 1900 when they organized the “Art Nouveau World Expo” in Paris. The Museum of Applied Arts director was Radisics Jenő, who bought several beautiful pieces here. The bought things included Alexander Bigot’s several works, architectural specimens, like ashlars, fireplace frames, plastic decorated columns, consoles and friezes. The bought objects have been in the Museum of Decorative Art’s (Applied Arts) warehouse and in addition to the XX century’s audience in Paris nobody could see them – until now.

The museum decided to release Radasics’s best purchases; moreover they completed it with a drinking set what made in the Bigot’s ceramics factory around 1900. The drinking set’s form, incredibly beautiful gloss, demanding silver socket evoke luxury and wealth. Actually the museum could buy this piece with the government’s help in the end of 2012. Between the exhibited objects there are building ceramics, what you can see on secession buildings’ and palaces’ frontage in Paris today too.

If you spend some day in Budapest and you are fascinated by the Museum of Applied Arts building, feel free yourself and check this and the other exhibitions too!

Bigot Pavilon exhibition
Museum of Applied Arts
Until February 24th, 2014