A new Budapest blog on the horizon

There are many blogs about Budapest on the internet, and in fact you can find a Budapest blog on our website as well. Do not miss out on our blog, because we constantly write new articles with interesting information about exhibitions in different museums like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Hall in Budapest. But, it is not only about typical cultural happenings, but we also write about the cool upcoming concerts in Budapests most popular concert venues such as Budapest Sportarena and similar venues.

New Budapest blogSo, check out our Budapest blog and stay up to date on whatever we write about. But, if one Budapest blog is not enough for you, we can tell you that a new Budapest blog is now on the horizon and the first post published seems promising looking into the future. So if you are interested in this new blog, you should visit www.budapestguide.org where you can find the Budapest blog. So far Budablogger is the only blogger active on the blog, but rumours tell us that there might be more bloggers working on the project, so maybe this will be the second best Budapest blog on the web someday, of course after our own Budapest blog.

A good blog is not like a newspaper, it always features interesting topics, and they write about them in a different way and from a bit different point of view. That is our goal, and that is the goal of the people at budapestguide.org. So, check it out and write some comments to the first and later posts if you have time and would to!

In their first blog post they congratulated the Hungarian Olympic winners, after winning 8 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 5 bronze medals in the Summer Olympics in London. We also join in and congratulate the winners, and let us not forget the handball team for men who got an amazing 4th place in the handball tournament.