Should I stay in Buda or in Pest?

I’ll come to Budapest the 4th of December, with my baby and my husband, will stay 4 nights. I want to know what is better to take an hotel in the part buda or pest? Can you advice me an hotel?

Where to live? Pest or Buda?Thank you for the question. Our short answer to your question is that Pest is the ideal place to live as a tourist, but it is important to live in the central part of Pest, and not somewhere far away from the city centre. Buda is much more quiet area, more hills and somehow nicer, but Pest is the are with shopping, most museums, restaurants and activities, so therefore Pest is the best side to stay at. A much longer article on the subject can be found here.

Our hotel recommendations for this period would be to stay in one of these hotels
Kempinski (5 stars)
Eurostars Budapest Center (4 stars)
Hotel Erzsebet (3 stars)

Good luck and enjoy your stay in Budapest!