Which is the best five star hotel in Budapest?

It is a great question, and there are probably many answers to this question. If you click the link you will find a similar article posted by Budablogger a while back, and our answer will probably reflect his answer as well.

In general it can be said that the hotel in Budapest said to be the most luxurious hotel is the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal. However, due to its location we are a bit reluctant to giving it the highest score. But, if luxury is the thing, that is your hotel.

Marriott Budapest
We would probably stay in Marriott if we came to Budapest looking for a five star hotel!

If you want more modern, big and beautiful five star hotel with view towards the Danube, just between the Chain Bridge and the Elisabeth bridge, then Marriott is the number one option. The Marriott hotel also has a very good restaurant inside named Peppers!, so combining the luxury, the location and the restaurant on the inside, it might be that we would actually book a room in Marriott if we came to Budapest ourselves and we were looking for a beautiful five star hotel!

Is Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest far from city centre of Budapest?

Thank you for the question. Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest is located not far from the city centre of Budapest and Vaci utca. The hotel has a beautiful location by the Liberty square of Budapest, which is a quiet, but beautiful spot in Budapest. The distance from the hotel to Vörösmarty square where you can find for example Hard Rock Cafe, Gerbeaud and lots of shopping places is less than 1km. According to Google maps this is only 800 metres, which can be made on foot easily in less than 10 minutes.

Along the way you will find lots of nice restaurants like Tom George, clubs such as Ötkert and enjoy the view towards the Saint Stephens Basilica as you walk across the Zrinyi utca.

Enjoy Budapest and hope this answer was good for you!

Should I stay in Buda or in Pest?

I’ll come to Budapest the 4th of December, with my baby and my husband, will stay 4 nights. I want to know what is better to take an hotel in the part buda or pest? Can you advice me an hotel?

Where to live? Pest or Buda?Thank you for the question. Our short answer to your question is that Pest is the ideal place to live as a tourist, but it is important to live in the central part of Pest, and not somewhere far away from the city centre. Buda is much more quiet area, more hills and somehow nicer, but Pest is the are with shopping, most museums, restaurants and activities, so therefore Pest is the best side to stay at. A much longer article on the subject can be found here.

Our hotel recommendations for this period would be to stay in one of these hotels
Kempinski (5 stars)
Eurostars Budapest Center (4 stars)
Hotel Erzsebet (3 stars)

Good luck and enjoy your stay in Budapest!

What is the best place for a vacation home in Budapest?

I am planning to buy a vacation home in Budapest and wonder what is the best area to buy a vacation home in?

There are several areas in Budapest and in Hungary ideal for a vacation home. In the typical alpine regions of Europe you can find luxury chalets available, and in certain areas of Hungary you can find similar constructions to the chalets found elsewhere in Europe, though not as nice and large and luxurious as in Austria, Switzerland and similar nations. In Budapest there are no real mountains with fresh air, but a Hungarian citizen would say that Rozsadomb on the Budaside is a very nice area for living. But, that is not an ideal vacation home area either.

If you want the feeling of living by the seaside we would recommend an apartment/hotel located at the Romai Part. This is located a bit north of Budapest, and here you can walk and buy food, drinks and snacks from smaller and larger restaurants located along the Danube. These are typical summer houses, but maybe not so much of a place for a winter time. If you want to live in an area with lots of summer houses side by side, but not on the Romai Part the so called Szentendre Island is a popular area, for example in Surany.

For those in love with Budapest, they will not want a vacation home outside the city center, but rather somewhere as central as possible, so that only leaving the flat, you will be out where things happen in the centre of Budapest. If that is you, then you should consider a flat in the Corvin District (Corvin Negyed), or maybe somewhere else in a new apartment house inside the Great Boulevard (nagykörüt).

If none of these interest you, then maybe you should got for a house with a garden on the Budaside, somewhere in the Budafok area. There you can find larger properties with gardens, possibility to plant grapes and of course the chance to live in an area with wine cellars, the Törley champagne factory and larger green areas.

Budapest has something for everyone, be it a summer home by the Danube, a house with a garden full of grapes or a central apartment in the city center. Good luck finding a vacation home in Budapest!

What is the best five star hotel in Budapest?

What is the best 5 star hotel in Budapest?

It is impossible to really answer such a question, as no answer is totally objective, and everyone will answer differently to that question. But, we can at least try to answer it, and then hopefully this answer will make it a bit easier for you to decide what five star hotel you want to stay in while in Budapest! Budapest is not the place for luxury chalets, but rather large large luxurious hotels in the city center with magnificent decorations on the inside, a real royalty feeling to them and service that make you feel like a dignity or some other super star, at least that is the way it is supposed to be!

Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal
Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal

If you visit a site such as TripAdvisor they will say that Corinthia Grand Hotel Royalis the best five star hotel in Budapest. The hotel has been voted among the most luxurious hotels in the world year after year and it is without a doubt a brilliant hotel with an amazing service, a wonderful Royal Spa on the inside and other services. Our problem with the hotel is the location, a bit outside the inner city center and not really ideal in our eyes. But, if you plan on staying a lot inside the hotel and only want pure luxury, this is probably it!

For a long time Four Seasons, located by the Danube and the Chain Bridge has been very popular among stars and celebrities coming to Budapest. It has a brilliant location, great service and everything is perfect, still – for us something is missing!

Some would say New York Palace, but the problem is the same as with Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, the location (they are almost neighbours).

So, if we would decide – and in this answer we do… our favourite hotel would be Kempinski. It has a brilliant location, though the minus is that it has no view of Danube. But, within a few minutes you can walk to the Danube and that will have to do. You are near public transportation, near the shopping street, near a big park and everything can be reached within minutes from here. The hotel looks very nice both on the inside and the outside, and they have a very nice spa area, lots of treatments available and it is a stunning hotel! If the Danube view is important, we would go for Four Seasons instead!

Maybe you do not agree? Write your comment and share your wisdom on the subject!

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