Caffe Gian Mario Budapest – a short review

Yesterday we paid a visit to Caffe Gian Mario, an Italian restaurant in Budapest, located quite near Nyugati Pályaudvar and restaurants such as Sir Lancelo, Wasabi and La Pampa. The restaurant looks like nothing special from the outside, but somehow the restaurant has managed to be located at third place on the TripAdvisor list of restaurants in Budapest, and that is why we dropped by to see what’s going on at Caffe Gian Mario.

The first impression arriving makes me ask myself a question; is this really the place? It looks so nothing special (see picture below). We sit down, order a starter and a pizza and two bottles of Pepsi. The starter was nice, the pizza was good, but nothing super special, making it better than everywhere else in Budapest. In the end we wanted to order a dessert, but unfortunately almost all desserts were sold out, so we ended up buying some Italian cottage cheese dessert inside some biscuit with chocolate around. We got it at once, so guess they just took it out of the fridge. It was okay in taste, but nothing we would order again.

All in all we were full and well satisfied as we left Caffe Gian Mario, but it is not a place we would especially recommend from now on to others, and it is not a place we will return to later… there are to many good restaurants in Budapest for us to return to this once more.

If you are a on a budget though this restaurant is a quite good one. For two bottles of Pepsi, a starter, a pizza and a dessert the final price was around 3800 HUF.

This is the way Caffe Gian Mario looks from the outside