Where to eat on Christmas Eve in Budapest?

I am coming to Budapest to celebrate Christmas, but would like to eat my Christmas dinner somewhere else than in my hotel. Can you please give me the name on some restaurants in Budapest that will be open on Christmas eve?

Thank you for the question. We have a special article related to this subject which is called Christmas in Budapest, which you can find here. The truth is that most restaurants stay closed on December 24th and they take a well deserved break on this day. But, for those few restaurants that decide to stay open, they have a nice evening ahead, because people are looking hard to find restaurants open on December 24th, meaning that these get fully booked quite fast.

So, if you want a nice Christmas dinner in Budapest on December 24th we would at the moment recommend one of the following two restaurants. Do not forget that you need to book a table as soon as possible, so just use the table reservation link and fill in the forms, and we will take care of the table reservation for you and send you a confirmation of the reservation in an email (for free of course).

1. Rezkakas

This is a very traditional, but quite expensive, Hungarian restaurant. They do have live gipsy music and a main course from their menu normally cost between 4000 and 8000 Hungarian Forint. That is quite steep, but based on customer reviews and feedback we have received, people do praise this place and really do enjoy their visits. If you want to have a nice Christmas dinner with lots of Hungarian food on the menu, this is probably the place. The restaurant is located in the heart of Budapest, not far from the St. Stephens Basilica.

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Rezkakas Budapest
Rezkakas Budapest

2. Aszu

This restaurant is located on the other side of the street from Rezkakas. If were were to eat our Christmas dinner in Budapest we would probably pick this one, but that is just because we really like the food in Aszu. The restaurant has received lots of great critics from food critics and magazines, and the food served is really in the upper class. The price level is probably a bit cheaper than in Rezkakas with main courses costing between 10 and 20 Euro, in general.

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Aszu Budapest
Aszu Budapest

We wish you a merry Christmas, and enjoy your Christmas dinner in Budapest! If you have questions or comments, just write using the comments field beneath this text!