The best restaurants in Budapest

The capital of Hungary is a really popular destination for vacation and every year millions of people are coming to Budapest to have a unforgettable holiday. The city offers a lot of things to do during a visit and there are plenty of activities, programs and attractions to see. In Budapest there are several restaurants to go to and Gault and Millau made a list of the best restaurants in Budapest.

Gault et Millau is a French restaurant guide which rates the restaurants on a 1-20 scale, 20 is the heights. So we will list some of the best restaurants in this article according to the list of Gault et Millau. There are three restaurants from the list by Gault Millau which got the highest scores among the restaurants in Budapest.

Three best restaurants in Budapest

Best restaurants in BudapestThe first one is the Costes Restaurant which is located in the heart of Budapest really close to Kàlvin tèr and the place is in the famous street Ràday utca. It is a perfect place for a romantic dinner or business meetings as well. The service in the restaurant is excellent and it is highly recommended on other sites too. The restaurant is not among the cheapest, but the quality of the meals and the matching wines and the service is the best. The restaurant got 17 points out of 20 from Gault Millau, and this restaurant also has a Michelin star.

The second  restaurant on the list, also with 17 points, is the Onyx restaurant in the central of Budapest right at Vörösmarty tèr. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Budapest and the location of the place could not be better. It is based right at the heart of Budapest where the main shopping area is in the city. The restaurant has the most delicious meals with the matching wines. The service is really quick and friendly and the whole atmosphere and the design of the place is remarkable. It is also a perfect place for business meetings or a romantic dinner. It has one Michelin star, and the cook is the famous Tamas Szell.

The third restaurant with 17 points out of 20 from Gault et Millau is ZONA Bisztró. It is a really cozy, friendly and small restaurant also located in the heart of the city. The restaurant is based at one of the most beautiful bridges of Budapest at the Chain Bridge. The restaurant offers a wide range of foods and pairing wines to the meals. The service in the restaurant is quick and friendly. It is not the cheapest restaurants either in the city but it is highly recommended for everyone who is looking for something unique. It has high rates on every site and listed one of the best in Hungary.

Second best restaurants in Budapest

These were the best restaurants in Budapest which got 17 points out of 20 from G&M but there are plenty others as well from the list such as Alabárdos ètterem, Borkonyha, Laci!Konyha!, Olimpia Vendèglö and Salon restaurant which all got 16 points out of 20. Following these are Aranykaviár étterem, Babel, Csalogány étterem and Lou Lou restaurant which got 15 points out of 20.

It is important to know that G&M has never rated a restaurant with 20 points so far. So these restaurants are definitely the best of bests in the capital of Hungary.

What do you think? Do you have a personal favorite restaurant in Budapest? Agree og disagree? Feel free to share your thoughts!


Onyx second Hungarian restaurant with Via Michelin star

In 2010 one of the greatest news in Hungary (seen from a gastronomical point of view) was when Costes became the first Hungarian restaurant to receive a Via Michelin star. The restaurant located in Raday Utca has since then kept its star and as always it is highly recommended to reserve a table there if you plan to visit the restaurant near Kalvin Square.

In 2011 a new Hungarian restaurant became the second Hungarian restaurant with a Via Michelin star. This time the restaurant is even more centrally located in Budapest, in fact on the main square of the inner city of Budapest, at Vörösmarty Square. Onyx is the name of the restaurant, and it is located in the same building as the famous Gerbeaud confectionary.

The pricelevel at Onyx might be a bit lower than at Costes, but the quality is the same high quality. If you would like a taste of the quality we can highly recommend the daily lunch menus available between 12.00 and 15.00 at quite reasonable prices.

We congratule Onyx and wish them all luck in pleasing their guests and keeping the quality high!

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