Ed Sheeran Budapest

Ed Sheeran last visited Budapest in 2019 when he performed at the Sziget Festival. In 2024, he once again came to the Hungarian capital to perform at the Puskas Arena. To make things even better, he isn’t coming alone, but he is coming together with Calum Scott. Would you like to be there at Puskas Arena to enjoy one of the highlights on the calendar in Budapest in 2024?

The Ed Sheeran concert is set to July 20, 2024. The venue is Puskas Arena, meaning that there will be more than 60,000 people present to listen and sing along with Ed Sheeran. What makes this even cooler is the fact that Ed Sheeran will only do a few concerts during the summer of 2024, and Budapest is one of the lucky cities to be on the list. In other words, this is one of few chances to listen to the artist live in 2024.

The tickets for the Ed Sheeran concert is laid out for sale in Hungary on October 26 at 10:00, and the tickets are expected to be sold ut within a few hours. If you are reading this much later, you can most likely expect all the tickets to be sold out. As a result, the only way to be there at the corner arena is to buy a ticket second-hand before the concert outside the arena, or by buying tickets online at a second-hand ticket site. If that sounds interesting, use the link further down in the article.

Ed Sheeran Budapest 2024

Date: July 20
Location: Puskas Arena

Tickets: Eventim
Second-hand tickets: Viagogo

How to get to the concert venue?

Would you like to be there at the Ed Sheeran concert in Budapest? It is easy to travel to the venue with public transportation. The nearest metro station is Puskas Ferenc Stadion (red line). From there, you can walk to the venue within 5 minutes.

If you arrive by car, you can park your car in the streets around the venue, but it will most likely be extremely hard to find a free parking lot before the start of the concert. As a result, you can try to park your car in the popular mall named Arena Plaza which is close to the venue. Another option is to park elsewhere in the city and then use the metro to get to the venue.

Are there any good accommodation opportunities near Puskas Arena?

Would you like to live in a hotel or apartment close to Puskas Arena? It can be ideal, not only for the concert but also because it is easy to get to the city center using the metro within a few minutes. Below you can see a map showing the stadium and hotels and apartments nearby. You can scroll in and out to get even more options.


It is easy to find a hotel or apartment suiting your wallet as the map above also gives an estimation of the cost for the different rooms and apartments.

How much time do I need to travel from the airport to Puskas Arena?

Are you flying to Budapest only to see and experience the Ed Sheeran concert? Are you worried that you might arrive too late? How much time do you need to travel between the airport in Budapest and the Ed Sheeran concert at Puskas Arena?

If you arrive at the airport and have a taxi waiting for you (or if you jump in the first and best cab you can find), then you should expect the travel time to the arena to be approximately 30 minutes. Since the concert is quite late, there shouldn’t be any delays due to traffic, but if you calculate 45 minutes from the airport to the stadium, you should definitely arrive according to plan.

What other cities will Ed Sheeran visit during the summer of 2024?

We don’t know everything yet, but as of right now, it seems as if Ed Sheeran will perform in Lucca (Italy), Gdansk (Poland), Hradec Karlove (Czech Republic), Zagreb (Croatia), and Kaunas (Lithuania) besides Budapest (Hungary).

Are there any other things happening in Budapest during these days in Budapest?

Are you looking for suggestions for other activities and programs in Budapest? Our best advice is to look in our Budapest calendar to find out more about other concerts, festivals, markets, sports events, and happenings in Budapest,

Sziget Festival kick-off in Budapest today!

Budapest is invaded by people today coming for the annual Sziget Festival, one of the coolest and best music festivals in Europe every single year.

Some of the artists performing at Sziget Festival today (August 7th, 2019)
Some of the artists performing at the Sziget Festival today (August 7th, 2019)

The festival attracts almost half a million people every year who pay the quite steep entrance fees to see and listen to some of the best artists from around the world. In 2019, the Sziget Festival is arranged between August 7th and August 13th. On the opening night (which is tonight), one of the highlights will already perform, Ed Sheeran.

But, there are so many stages and places to visit at the island (Sziget means island) where the festival is arranged, that you will have a hard time getting bored. There is something happening at the different stages all the time, so make sure to take a careful look at the schedule and plan your whereabouts if you do not want to miss out on something important.

Other artists coming to Sziget 2019

Ed Sheeran will perform tonight, but he is not the only hotshot coming to the festival this year. Some of the other famous artists coming include Foo Fighters, Twenty One Pilots, Florence and the Machine, Martin Garrix, The National, The 1975, CHVRCHES, Kodaline, Of Mice & Men, James Blake, Franz Ferdinand, and lots of others.

If you want to see the full program of the festival, visit the official website of the Sziget Festival which can be found here.

Other programs in Budapest

If you do not want to spend all your time at the Hajogyari island, but instead spend some time in the center of Budapest as well, that is a good idea. There are lots of cool programs in the city center, and you should, of course, drink some good Hungarian wine, taste the Hungarian Goulash soup, maybe enjoy a river cruise, and definitely, enjoy the view from the Gellert Hill!

You can read about lots of activities and programs in Budapest here in the Budapest Guide, so make sure to look around!