A visit to GoodBar GoodBurger in Budapest

Are you looking for a good place to eat a hamburger in Budapest? Maybe you will walk by the place named GoodBurger as you walk between Ferenciek square and Kalvin square in Budapest. Is this a place worth visiting? We have visited GoodBar GoodBurger in Budapest, and here are some quick thoughts.

First of all, the restaurant is located in the very center of Budapest. It is very easy to find, even though it isn’t located in Vaci utca (the main shopping street of Budapest). The street on which it can be found is a beautiful and nice street, it has great atmosphere, and very little car traffic due to limitations and regulations related to who can actually drive there.

GoodBurger in Budapest - Is it worth visiting?
GoodBurger in Budapest – Is it worth visiting?

A good location is nice, but it isn’t all. But, if you walk by this place and consider a quick visit, is it worth it?

Fantastic service in the restaurant

As we visited the restaurant, we were received and welcomed by a really wonderful waiter. She was smiling all the time, and very helpful. She was polite, nice, and made sure that we were able to enjoy every minute.

The menu is packed with popular meals, making sure that this is a place you can easily visit with the family as you can find lots of burgers and other popular meals in the restaurant.

What about the quality of the food?

During our visit to GoodBar GoodBurger in Budapest, we ordered a hamburger, a tortilla, some sweet potato chips and also some onion rings. These are all popular courses, so great meals to taste if you want to get a feeling about the food in the restaurant.

The burger in GoodBurger Budapest
The burger in GoodBurger Budapest

The hamburger we were served was a tasty and nice hamburger, with a fresh salad next to it. This is what we would call a correct hamburger. It wasn’t a legendary burger that would make us return to the restaurant day after day, but it was still a fresh and nice burger that should make most family members happy if they get to taste it.

The tortilla was just as tasty as the hamburger, and to make it different from most other restaurants, they added a layer of cheese on the outside of the tortilla which was then grilled, making it really crispy and salty on the outside. That was a fantastic taste, and it was really nice to eat. The only minus was that your hands got greasy holding the cheesy tortilla.

The side-dishes, both the sweet potato chips and the onion rings were nice! Normally restaurants serve you sweet potato fries, but here they prepared them in chips form. I would prefer the fries version as they have more taste, but it was still a nice side-dish. The onion rings were nice as well!

Sweet potato chips in GoodBurger Budapest
Sweet potato chips in GoodBurger Budapest

All in all about GoodBurger

The prices are nice, the service is fantastic, the food is good, and the location is superb. This might not be the best restaurant in Budapest, and it probably doesn’t have the best burger either, but it should still serve you well as you look for a place to eat a nice lunch or have a fine dinner in Budapest.

Have you been to GoodBurger Budapest? How did you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts and your comments about the restaurant.

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