City Park ice rink opened today!

The Christmas season is here. It does not only mean Christmas markets here and there in Budapest, but it also means that the beautiful ice rink in the city park is opening.

Today was the day (November 28th) when the ice rink opened in 2013. That was exactly one day after the Christmas market at the Vorosmarty ter, but earlier than the Christmas market in front of the St. Stephens Basilica. The latter has a little ice rink as well, but that is super small and quite fake compared to the one in the city park.

Want to do something romantic in Budapest? Go iceskating in the city park. But, dress up, because there is nothing romantic to freezing your ears off, and it can get really cold in Budapest nowadays, at least if feels very cold!

Ice skating in Budapest

The entrance fee for adults to enter into the ice rink is 1500 HUF (during weekdays). You need to pay 500 HUF more as you arrive for a plastic card, but you will get the money back as you hand the plastic card back. On Friday evenings and on Saturdays and Sundays te entrance fee is 2000 HUF for adults (plus the 500 HUF).