Jewish Summer Festival

The Jewish Summer Festival dates back to 1998 when it was arranged for the first time. Now it is organized at several locations in Budapest, including the Synagogue of Dohány street, which is the third largest of all synagogues in the world.

The Grand Synagogue is known for its architectural style and it has space for about 3000 people inside. But, this is not the only venue in use. Besides the Synagogue, other venues such as the Balint House, Wesselenyi 17, Budapest Music Center, and similar venues will be in use for the festival.

The goal of the Jewish Summer Festival is to let people see and experience the Jewish culture, seeing their history which is really old, but which still has a big impact on the world today.

The Jewish Summer Festival in Budapest

You can also see and buy lots of books, and also visit special exhibitions. Would you like to get to know Jewish cuisine better? There are several Kosher restaurants in the area worth visiting.

The concerts and the program vary every year, but there is a big variety of classical concerts, ballets, klezmer music, popular music.

Jewish Summer Festival 2020

August 30th – September 7th

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Jewish Summer Festival 2012

Tomorrow the Jewish Summer Festival of 2012 will start in Budapest. The festival will last until September 4th and the center of the festival is the Synagogue by Astoria, the second largest in the world. There will be lots of the exhibitions, concerts, fairs and similar events during the festival, so if you are interested, come to Budapest and check out this festival.

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Jewish Summer festival in Budapest
Jewish Summer festival in Budapest