Dzsúzda – Coffe and Juicebar in Szigetszentmiklos

Are you looking for something really healthy to drink and eat? Or maybe just a cup of coffee to wake up? Are you in Szigetszentmiklos? Time to visit Dzsúzda!

Last week we got the chance to visit the recently opened juice-bar in Szigetszentmiklos named Dzsuzda. As the name suggest the main focus is one juices, but they do of course serve tea and coffee in addition to a sweet mixture of juices and smoothies.

The menu at Dzsuzda is changing from day to day, but they already have a couple of favorites on their menu that we believe will remain there for a long time. We drank ourselves mostly through the menu as we visited the juice bar and we also tasted a fresh salad and their raw chocolate cake. Did we like it?

Raw Cocoa drink
Raw cake and fantastic smoothie in Dzsuzda in Szigetszentmiklos

Healthy is not enough, it has to be tasty as well!

We absolutely love healthy food, but it is not enough that food (and drinks) are healthy. They also have to taste well! That is why we were curious to taste the raw chocolate cake available in the juice bar. It was made up by a mixture of raw cocoa, by date, cocoa fat and some more ingredients. As it was served it was a bit cold, but waiting for a few minutes it was really tasty and it was probably the best raw cake I have ever tasted!

I am not so much of a salad guy, but the salad was also nice and tasty (but if you are a salad person it will probably taste much better for you)! The highlight was however to taste all the smoothies available in Dzsuzda. They had a tropical smoothie available, a Shrek smoothie and a chocolate smoothie. They were all very tasty (and healthy), but the highlight was of course the chocolate smoothie which tasted much like a cup of hot chocolate, except from the fact that it was cold and very healthy!

Visit Dzsuzda in Szigetszentmiklos

If you want to visit Dzsusda in Szigetszentmiklos, go ahead and visit it right away. It is open every day from 9.00 till 18.00. The address is Tököli út 26 and you can also visit their Facebook site right here.

Where is Szigetszentmiklos?

If you are a tourist coming to Budapest this juice-bar might not be so interesting for you. If you however pass by Szigetszentmiklos this might be nice to now. It is a small city located 25 kilometres from the heart of Budapest, so if you have a car you will be there in less than 30 minutes.