Going to be real hot this weekend!

In June we had some days with extreme heat in Budapest, and in the coming days it is coming back again, and it might get even warmer.

The National Weather company has reported that temperatures are expected to rise to more than 35 Celsius, maybe even to 40 Celsius in some places. Here you can see what temperatures are expected the next seven days, according to Met.hu.

Weather in Budapest
Temperatures expected in Budapest until July 31st

In such warm weather it is important to drink enough, find some shade and then relax some more. A popular place to visit on such days is the St. Stephens Basilica and the beach at the Margaret Island. Do not forget to use sun lotion, and if possible, stay away from the sun between 11.00 and 15.00.

Read more about the climate in Budapest and Budapest average temperatures.

Budapest in July

Together with August July is one of the hottest months of the year in Budapest. An average day will give you 30 Celsius during daytime, but you will often experience warmer temperatures as well. You should therefore prepare with some bathing trunks packing your suitcase before arriving to Budapest in July.

What do I need bathing trunks for, you might wonder? Good question, after all swimming in the Danube is something you should not do. But, if you want to take a swim, here are some of the places where that can be done. However, do not forget the sun lotion!

Szechenyi Furdo
This is a thermal bath with three outdoor pools. However, since this is natural hot springs, the water is a bit to hot, at least for a warm July day. If you want to visit this thermal bath, do it on the day with the worst weather during your stay. After all, swimming in 37 Celsius is not to enjoyable if the temperature in the air is 37 Celsius as well.

Palatinus Furdo
If you want to enjoy life on a hot summer day in Budapest the Palatinus Furdo is probably the best option and best place. This bath is located at the Margaret Island and here you have lots of outdoor pools and water activities, much more enjoyable at a warm summer day than in the Szechenyi thermal bath.

Dagaly Furdo
The Dagaly bath is located not far from the Arpad bridge, on the Pest side. This is a beautiful outdoor complex with both thermal water and normal pools. This is not the place most tourists go, so if you want to mix up with the locals, this is the place to go for a cool outdoor venue with nice pools.

Dagaly Bath – a great place to be in the heat

July activities and festivals

The most important event in Budapest in July is the Formula 1 race. This is normally arranged at the last weekend in July at Hungaroring, just outside Budapest. Because of the Formula 1 all hotel prices are raised with 20 percent and the city is packed with people for a weekend. Or, the truth is that the invation starts for this weekend, and one week later (some days into August) the Sziget Festival takes place, and then invasion number two takes place.

Formula 1 Budapest 2014: July 25th-27th

During the summer there is a summer festival with different concerts taking place at the open-air stage on the Margaret Island and at the open air stage at Varosmajor (quite far outside the center). There will be quite a lot of programs worth checking out in July because of this festival, for example the Madame Butterfly Opera at July 28th at the Margaret Island.

If you visit the Vajdahunyad Castle in the City Park there will be a music festival there available from July 11th until the start of August.

On July 18th there will be a concert in the Dominician court in the Hilton hotel. The performance will be made by the 100 Member Gypsy Orchestra.

In 2013 visitors have a great chance to visit the giant ferris wheel in the center of Budapest. It will only be there until July 31st, and then it will be moved away and taken to the Sziget Festival before it leaves us forever. You should therefore use this opportunity and travel with the giant wheel while it is still here.

What to do in the July heat?

When it gets to warm in Budapest in July there are some things that might be useful to do.

  • Visit the St. Stephen’s Basilica. On the inside the temperatures are much better than on the outside.
  • Drink the Hungarian spritzer, a mixture of wine and bubble water.
  • Book a room in a hotel with air-condition
  • Sleep during the warmest hours and stay up later in the evening

These were just some thoughts on what to do in Budapest in July. Feel free to share further insights and thoughts as you write a comment! We wish you all some beautiful days and weeks in Budapest!