Hungarian Song Day, Kobuci garden 2013

On the Hungarian Song Day, on 8 September 2013, whole Hungary dresses up with music. In the capital, Budapest loads of programs will welcome visitors. The Kobuci garden will give the place for the world music and children stage, just like in every year. Those who will visit here, could see the greatest members of the Hungarian music life, live, for example the Quimby, or the Csík band. Maybe our foreign visitors haven’t heard about these bands, so we warmly recommend, listen a few songs from them on the Internet. The lyrics will be mostly in Hungarian, but besides the atmosphere and the melody, you wouldn’t miss the lyrics. Visit the Kobuci garden during the Hungarian Song Day, on this beautiful autumn day. Have fun!

Address: Kobuci garden (Óbuda, 1 Fő Square, Garden of Zichy Castle)

Hungarian Song Day, World music stage