Ten cheap street-eats in Budapest

We have earlier written articles about five hidden attractions in Budapest worth visiting and a list presenting some activities worth trying. Now it is time to feed our stomachs, so read on and get to know 10 places where you can have a cheap street-eat while walking the streets of Budapest.

1. Tamp & Bull

This is a special café in Budapest. In Tamp and Bull you can enjoy more than a normal espresso. Here you can find coffee with exotic spices and so much more. Besides them, dear guests can eat sandwiches, teas and delicious things but it is true, that this place is firstly the coffee lovers’ perfect place.
Address: 1093, Budapest. 3 Czuczor Street (Budapest, few minute walk from the Fővám Square, from the Szabadság Bridge’s Pest bridgehead to the Petőfi Bridge)

Tamp and Bull Budapest

2. Butter Brothers

Fantastic bakery with delicious products! Special, fresh, crunchy and first of all, the products are Hungarian, for example the famous quark bag, which is the best in the city. It is totally worth to taste!
Address: 1093, Budapest. 22 Lónyai Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Kálvin Square on the Lónyai Street)

3. Pervizaj Bakery

Because we are talking about bakeries, we have to talk about one of the most delicious Serbian bakeries in Budapest too. Giant bakery products, low prices, fast service, these are what Pervizaj offers you.
Address: 1137, Budapest. 32-34 Pozsonyi Street (Budapest few minute walk from the Jászai Mari Square, from the Margaret Bridge’s Pest bridgehead on the street of McDonald’s)

4. Ica Mama’s Meat Shop

After we became full with bakery products, we need to change to meat products. In Hungary there is a famous buffet type, the Laci Kitchen. These meat shops offer you cooked meat and place for eating. One of the bests of these buffets in Budapest is Ica Mama’s Meat Shop, which has a plus advantage; this buffet has made the same delicious profile for 50 years ago at the same place. Cheap and delicious lunch, especially for meat lovers!
Address: 1114, Budapest. 64 Bartók Béla Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Móricz Zsigmond Square)

5. Leves.

If you don’t have the mood for bakery products or meat, we can offer you a place, where you can eat great appetizer: soup. Don’t think these are just simple soups, these soups are specials with changeable spices. People get their soups in paper glasses, so they can eat it anywhere, even during walk.
Address: 1053, Budapest. 14 Vámház Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Fővám Square, from Szabadság Bridge on the Vámház Street)

6. Pasta.

After we ate our soup, we should continue our lunch with the second dish; however, we should stay with the same company. The Pasta., as the Leves. offers you special dishes in paper box, but of course it is not soup, it is pasta. Moreover the two buffets are very close to each other!
Address: 1053, Budapest. 2 Kálvin Square (Budapest, Kálvin Square, almost opposite to National Museum)

7. Zing Burger

If you like hamburger, but you are sick of the popular fast food restaurants’ offers; here is your time to try something new! The Zing Burger is a mobile buffet which appears in different points of Budapest day by day, and their supply is fantastic, huge, special and cheap! If you want to know the next station of Zing Burger is, follow them on Facebook!
Address: Budapest

Zing Burger

8. Finomító Kantin

This buffet is perfect place for an exhausted tourist. There is sandwiches, soups, burgers, coffee and drinks here with good prices, but the most important is that everything is fresh! The Finomító Kantin is very proud of this virtue. You definitely should visit it, when you are in Buda!
Address: 1027, Budapest. 33 Irén Street (Budapest, few minute walk from Széna Square)

9. The Donut Library

This is the island of peace in this fast city. Donuts here are made from only fresh ingredients without any additives or colorific. You can’t get soda-pops here, but a glass of delicious syrup or fresh milk is better with the donut, isn’t it? Besides the donuts, guests get books, so they have something to scroll while they eat.
Address: 1137, Budapest. 22 Pozsonyi Street (Budapest few minute walk from the Jászai Mari Square, from the Margaret Bridge’s Pest bridgehead on the street of McDonald’s)

10. La Pizza di Mamma Sofia

We can’t make a buffet compilation without pizza! In the La Pizza di Mamma Sofia one slice of pizza is only 350 Forint, huge and very delicious! The offer is amazing, sweat, salty, small, big, but there is one common thing: they are 100% Italian!
Perfect place if you only need a bite.
Address: 1061, Budapest. 20 Király Street (Budapest, Király Street in the center city)

Pizza in budapest

Well, we hope, you like our “Street Food” compilation. These places are all cheap, special and friendly, so choose any of them and you won’t be disappointed. If you have thoughts, comments, recommendations or any other thing to say, please write a comment!