Macaron Day in Budapest 2015

Macaron Day in BudapestThe annual Macaron Day will be held again in Budapest in March 2015. This will be the fourth time the Macaron Day will take place in Budapest which is inspired by the Jour du Macaron that takes place in Paris and the Macaron Day which is held in New York.

What is macaron exactly? Macaron is a French sweet meringue based confection which is usually filled with buttercream, jam or ganache and it comes in many variety of colours and flavours. So at the Macaron Day in Budapest visitors will have the chance to try the best macarons and they can even learn how to make the most delicious macarons as well. Apart from this the Macaron Day also hosts various programs for adults and for children including a Macaron Fare, a Macaron Competition and countless other programs, children’s activities and tempting sweets will be also available during this special day. The Macaron Day will be held in Budapest at Akvàrium Klub in the heart of the city and it will take place on the 20th March 2015. The programs starts at 2pm and tickets are already available for the event.

Akvárium Klub
Budapest, Erzsébet tér 2, 1051

For more information on the Macaron Day please visit the official site. For more information on what is going on in Budapest, click the link.