Christmas market by St. Stephens Basilica 2018

We have known the dates for the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square for a long time, but just recently, the dates for the Christmas market in front for the St. Stephen’s Basilica was published as well.

The Christmas market in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica is getting better and better for every year. In 2017, it didn’t only make the square fantastic, but also Zrinyi utca (the street connecting the Danube and the Chain Bridge with the St. Stephen’s Basilica). It is a fantastic market and every afternoon from 16.30 there will be light shows at the church building every 30 minutes.

The Christmas market will open on November 24th (some places it says November 23rd) and it will remain open until January 1st, 2019. The market is open from 10.00 (or 11.00) until 22.00 in the evening, except for December 24th, on which it will close at 14.00.

christmas market by st stephens basilica
The Christmas market by the St. Stephens Basilica – Source

At the Christmas market, you can find an ice skating rink, a big Christmas tree, and lots of small tree houses where you can buy souvenirs, presents, and lots of hot drinks and traditional food. The ice skating rink is free to use for kids under 14 years, but you need to rent the skates you will actually use on the ice.

This year the Christmas market calls itself an eco-fair. All exhibitors will have to use environmental-friendly packaging, resulting in less garbage and better for the environment.

If you want to read more about the different Christmas markets in Budapest, check this site.

Would you like to enjoy a wine dinner in Budapest during this period, or maybe a river cruise at the Danube River? Make sure to arrange your booking as soon as possible, because it gets crowded and fully booked quite regularly in December!

Jo Nesbø coming to Budapest

The famous author Jo Nesbø will come to Budapest this upcoming Saturday, and if you are a fan you have the chance to get your Jo Nesbø book dedicated at 17.00 in the Allee Shopping Mall this Saturday (May 9th).

Jo Nesbo
Jo Nesbo coming to Budapest

Jo Nesbø is the famous author who wrote the books about Harry Hole, the Norwegian detective. He has also written other books and now he is here to dedicate his latest books which is called “Vér a havon” in Hungarian and which carries the title Blood on Snow in English.

The dedication of the books will take place in the Libri bookstore in the Allee center at 17.00, so be there if you want to check it out.

Gourmet Festival in Budapest in 2015

Gourmet festivalIn May 2015 the Gourmet Festival will be held again in Budapest. The Gourmet Festival is a gastronomical event which takes place every year in Budapest since 2007 and the festival shows the best food and drinks of the exhibitors / restaurants.

At the Gourmet Festival visitors can choose from more than 100 restaurants including Borkonyha which is a French styled bistro which offers the best Hungarian dishes and has also a wide selection of wines, Cake Shop which sells the best handmade sweets, desserts, creams, pies and cakes in Budapest, DiVino Wine Bar which is one of the most popular places in Budapest which presents a wide selection of the best products of the young wine maker generations and Gerbeaud Coffeehouse which is definitely one of the most famous sweet spot in the centre of the city, Gerbeaud offers the most delicious traditional cakes. Unfortunately the programs of the Gourmet Festival 2015 have not been announced yet.

The Gourmet Festival will take place from the 21st May 2015 to 24th May 2015 at Millenáris Park in the heart of Budapest. Tickets for the festival are already available.

Millenáris Park
16-22. Kis Rókus utca, Budapest

For more information on events and happenings in Budapest, check the following site.

Dunai Regatta 2015

The Dunai Regatta, which is one of the most awaited events in Hungary, will take place again in Budapest in the spring of 2015.

Dunai regatta 2015

Dunai Regatta is an international sport event which is also one of the largest sport and cultural event in Hungary. At the sport event 12 Hungarian university (AUB, BCE, BGF, BME, ELTE, TF, SZTE etc.) and two American university (Harvard and Princeton) will participate. This will be the third time the various teams will compete with each other in different water sports on the Danube. Like in every year the race will lead through the Danube’s most beautiful spots in the city from the Parliament through Vigadó tér to the main building of the Budapest Technical University. Apart from the race the Dunai Regatta offers different sport programs for all the visitors in which they can try countless sports such as yoga, street ball, table tennis, badminton and extreme sports like slack line and so on.
Dunai Regatta will be held in Budapest on Saturday on the 25th April in 2015, the event starts at 13.00 and ends at 03.00 on the next day.

For more details on the event please check the official site for more useful information. For information about other events taking place in Budapest, check out what’s on in Budapest!

Hungarian Grand Prix 2015

Formula 1 BudapestThe Formula 1 World Championship is back again and one of its stop will be Hungary. This is the 66th time that the world famous Formula 1 World Championship is held and Formula 1 is one of the oldest racing competition which was first held in 1913.

At the world championship 10 teams and 20 drivers participate and the drivers have to compete on each of the 19 Grand Prixes. The 66th Formula 1 World Championship started on the 15th March 2015 in Australia and the competition will end on the 29th November 2015 in Abu Dhabi and one of its stop will be in Hungary. All together 19 countries will give home to the 66th Formula 1 World Championship. The defending Driver’s Champion this year is Lewis Hamilton. The Hungarian Grand Prix will be the 10th stop of the Formula 1 World Championship in 2015 which is annually held since 1986.

The Hungarian Grand Prix will take place in Mogyoród near to Budapest at the Hungaroring on the 26th July in 2015. Tickets for the Formula 1 World Championship are already available.

Mogyoród, Versenypálya 0222/2/3/6, 2146 Hungary

For more information on the event check the following site. Tickets for the event can be bought from WorldTicketShop.

Easter at the Buda Castle 2015

The annual Easter market will be held again in Budapest and this will be he fourth time the Easter market will take place at the Buda Castle. This is one of the largest and definitely one of the most prestigious Easter markets in the whole city. Easter at the Buda Castle 2015

The market hosts the best Easter related programs and games for children and for playful adults including various workshops with traditional Hungarian Easter games and petting zoo as well. The market also presents the most delicious traditional Hungarian dishes such as the various types of ham, eggs in every variety, the typical Hungarian spices, oils, sweets, chocolates, sausages and all kind of pastries. At the fully packed tempting food stalls visitors will have the chance to have samples of the best quality products that will be presented at the market. At the Easter market the typical traditional Hungarian beverages will be presented as well such as pálinka which comes in every flavour, wine and beer as well. The Easter market is a great opportunity to get to know the Hungarian culture and its Easter habits. This year the Easter market will be held from 5th April to 6th April at the Buda Castle in Budapest.

Buda Castle
Budapest, Szent György tér 2, 101

For more information on the event please check the official site here. If you want to do something else, then maybe you could visit the spring fair at the Vorosmarty square instead?

Macaron Day in Budapest 2015

Macaron Day in BudapestThe annual Macaron Day will be held again in Budapest in March 2015. This will be the fourth time the Macaron Day will take place in Budapest which is inspired by the Jour du Macaron that takes place in Paris and the Macaron Day which is held in New York.

What is macaron exactly? Macaron is a French sweet meringue based confection which is usually filled with buttercream, jam or ganache and it comes in many variety of colours and flavours. So at the Macaron Day in Budapest visitors will have the chance to try the best macarons and they can even learn how to make the most delicious macarons as well. Apart from this the Macaron Day also hosts various programs for adults and for children including a Macaron Fare, a Macaron Competition and countless other programs, children’s activities and tempting sweets will be also available during this special day. The Macaron Day will be held in Budapest at Akvàrium Klub in the heart of the city and it will take place on the 20th March 2015. The programs starts at 2pm and tickets are already available for the event.

Akvárium Klub
Budapest, Erzsébet tér 2, 1051

For more information on the Macaron Day please visit the official site. For more information on what is going on in Budapest, click the link.

Budapest Spring Fair 2015

The Budapest Spring Festival and Spring Fair or in Hungarian the Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál ès Tavaszi Vásár will open its gates again in the capital city of Hungary in Budapest from the middle of April to the end of April in 2015.

Spring Fair Budapest

The Budapest Spring Festival and Spring Fair is one of the most popular as well as the most awaited programs in the life of the city. Each year the festival offers the best programs for the visitors and this will not be any different in 2015 either. This year in 2015 the Budapest Spring Festival and Spring Fair will host more than 140 programs and various concerts during the festival. The majority of the programs and the concerts will take place at different spots in the city including MÜPA (Place of Arts), the recently reopened Pest Vigadó Concert Hall, Liszt Academy and the BÁLNA Cultural Centre as well and the Spring Fair will be held at Vörösmarty Square in the centre of the city. Lets celebrate spring together in 2015 in Budapest at the Budapest Spring Festival and Spring Fair.

This year the Budapest Spring Festival will be held from 10th April 2015 until 26th April 2015 and the Spring Fair will be from 27th March 2015 to 26th April 2015.7

The Spring Fair is quite similar to the Christmas market, except from the fact that it is not arranged during Christmas time, but in the spring!

Restaurant Week 2015

Restaurant WeekThe Restaurant Week will be held again in Budapest in the middle of March in 2015. This is one of the most awaited events not only in Budapest but in the whole country as well and at the Restaurant Week more than 120 different restaurants will take part. So what is Restaurant Week exactly?

The Restaurant Week is a special foodie event where you can try various restaurants and their 3 course menus for a good price. So if you love eating and trying out new restaurants then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Usually having a nice lunch or dinner at a high class restaurant is pretty expensive but not when you go and try the different restaurants at the Restaurant Week. During this special week the participant restaurants serve a special 3 course menu from only 3300 HUF. As this is one of the most popular events in Budapest you better book your tables at the chosen restaurants as soon as possible. The Restaurant Week will be held in Budapest from the 16th March to 22nd March in 2015.

Some of the restaurants taking part is Kaltenberg, Karpatia, Prime Steakhouse, Gundel and lots of other restaurants.

If you want to know more information on the Restaurant Week in Budapest check the following site for more useful details on this special event.

Torkos Csütörtök 2015 in Budapest

‘Torkos Csütörtök’, also known as Gluttonous Thursday, will be held again this year not only in Budapest but in several other Hungarian cities as well. What is it about? When is it arranged?
Torkos csutortok 2015
The ‘Torkos Csütörtök’ first was held in 2006 and it got so popular over the years that it grew it self out to one of the most popular events in the whole country. The ‘Torkos Csütörtök’ is a gastronomical event which is part of the carnival season of Hungary and it has a long history which has been always part of the Hungarian traditions. At this event several restaurants take part and it is a perfect opportunity to try the best restaurants in the city. All the participant restaurants offers their dishes for 50% on this special day. As it one of the most popular events in the city you should book your tables as soon as it possible because the restaurants quickly get full. As in the last few years over 1000 restaurants will take place in this event this year as well so there are many possibilities to choose from and it is also a perfect time to try new restaurants and new dishes as well.

This year the ‘Torkos Csütörtök’ will be held 19th February 2015 in various restaurants in the whole country. There are no list of the participant restaurants yet, but in general lots of restaurants are taking part in this event, except from Trofea Grill, Michelin restaurants and some of the other restaurants that are fully booked every evening anyway!