Atany, a village in Hungary: Museum of Ethnography

If you are looking for information about life in a small village in Hungary, this exhibition might be interesting for you. In the time after the Second World War things changed quickly and the people working with agriculture had to change both equipment and technology. In this exhibition about Atany you will see people objects and get insight into the life of a farmer in the time after the Second World War, in Atany. The exhibition will be held in the Museum of Ethnography.

Atany, a village in Hungary
Museum of Ethnography
November 18, 2009 – June 13, 2010

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How We See the Finns? Exhibition: Museum of Ethnography

What does a Hungarian think about the Finns? What have shaped their way of thinking of the Finns? What does a Hungarian know about Finland and the culture of the nation?

There is a relationship between Hungary and Finland when it comes to the language. The Finno-Ugric relationship is discussed in the exhibition, and questions are asked as for example: “Why are the Finns so important to us, anyway?” The visitors are also presented what Hungarians choose to think is very typical Finnish.

How We See the Finns? – Finland: A Hungarian Perspective
Museum of Ethnography
June 27 (2009)  – November 28 (2010)