Transylvanian Churches

In this cool exhibition in the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest you can see works made between 1880 and 1920, mostly made by art teachers, showing churches in Transylvania. The official description says: “The works exhibited show important sites of our built heritage, Calvinist, Roman Catholic, Unitarian, Greek Catholic, Orthodox, churches and bell towers from […]

Jewels from Oceania

The natural scientist Lajos Biro collected a whole lot of treasures and goodies during his time in Oceania. He lived between 1856 and 1931. Just to let you understand the greatness of the Biro collection, read this: “The full Bíró collection, including the group of objects from Huon Gulf is outstanding not only for its […]

Duodji – Sámi Handicrafts: Ethnography

An exhibition named “Duodji – Sámi Handicrafts” was just opened in the Museum of Ethnography in Budapest. The exhibition will be available between August 8 and November 28, and is connected with the exhibition “How we see the Finns“, also available until November 28, 2010. Duodji – Sámi Handicrafts Museum of Ethnography August 9 – […]

Alvar Aalto Houses: Museum of Ethnography

Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto was a Finnish architect and designer, sometimes called the “Father of Modernism” in the nordic countries. His work includes architecture, furniture, textiles and glassware. Now an exhibition has been launched presenting his work in Budapest. Official press release about the exhibtion can be found below: Alvar Aalto Houses – Timeless Expressions […]

Kalevala: Museum of Ethnography

A new exhibition has come to the Museum of Etnhography, and it is entitled: The Kalevala through the Eyes of Hungarian Artists. This exhibition can be seen between February 27 and May 9th, 2010. Museums in Budapest About Kalevala: (source: Wikipedia) The Kalevala is a book and epic poem which Elias Lönnrot compiled from Finnish […]