National Gallop 2013

As most people know, Hungary is a horse nation. Already at the old times, Hungarian man and his horse were inseparable partner. It was also a part of the burial tradition, meaning that when a horseman died, they buried him with his horse. The National Gallop would like to reproduce this and later horse traditions between 20 and 22 September 2013 at the Heroes Square, and it welcomes everybody.

Nemzeti VagtaThe National Gallop is not just a simple horse festival with competitions, it is tradition. The event will be very special, because its place will be an important tourist center, the Heroes Square. The competitions will be around the famous square; beside this you could find the Gallop Promenade and Country Kitchen at the Andrássy Avenue. During the National Gallop, countryside will move to the capital to make stronger the connection between the center and the area. Moreover it could be a great opportunity for those, who would like to meet the Hungarian countryside, but don’t have enough time to visit places outside the capital, while they are here.

During the National Gallop 100 country towns will get chance to show themselves in front of the audience. The competitor horses will arrive from the whole territory of Hungary. Of course, several country towns will welcome visitors with loads of interesting programs besides the capital.

If you will stay in the Hungarian capital, Budapest between 20 and 22 September 2013, you definitely should go to the Heroes Square and have a great time at the National Gallop!

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