Montenegro: Natural History Museum

A new exhibition has been opened at the Natural History Museum near the Üllöi Út in the eight district of Budapest. It is named Montenegro, and it is an exhibition showing the pictures made by Veljko Vujanovic. The pictures will show the beautiful landscape, hills, cliffs, rocks together with pictures from cities, old buildings, important buildings and so on.

Hungarian National History Museum
May 12 – July 30

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The nature photographer of the year 2009

Natural History Museum Budapest

Between November 4th and December 7th you can take a look at the photos considered to be the best nature photograph’s in Hungary in 2009. The pictures in the exhibition have been selected from more than 4000 pictures. So if you appreciate and enjoy nice pictures from the nature, you should consider this exhibition in the Natural History Museum in Budapest!

The best nature photograph’s in 2009
Találkozás a természettel – Az év természetfotósa 2009.
Hungarian National History Museum
November 4th – December 7th

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The genetical family tree of the Hungarians

Hungarian National History Museum
Hungarian National History Museum

A new exhibition is opening today in the Hungarian Natural History Museum in Budapest. It is called “The Genetical Family Tree of the Hungarians” and it deals with questions such as:

– Where do we come from?
– What kind of genes did our ancestors bring?
– How related are we to our ancestors?

The exhibition will show the results from the research of historians and anthropologists. These questions are heavily debated, so it will for sure be interesting to see what kind of answers they present to these questions.

The Genetical Family Tree of the Hungarians
October 21, 2009 – January 2, 2010
Hungarian Natural History Museum

Predators in Natural History Museum


Manking has always been fascinated by predators and in this exhibition the visitors are introduced to different predation techniques, tricks and tools.  With the help of a rich combination of interactive games and visual spectacles the goal of the exhibition is to bring the mysterious world of predators closer, banish misconceptions and fear and give enlightment so that the visitor will know more when he lives than when he came.

March 13 – November 23 (2009)
Hungarian Natural History Museum