Night of Museums 2010: June 19

Night of Museums Budapest 2010
Night of Museums Budapest 2010

Night of Museums is an annual event in Hungary (though it was arranged twice last year – and it seems like it will be this year as well), and it is a very popular event. In the film “Night at the Museum”, featuring Ben Stiller, the museum turns alive after the sunset. That is what will happen in museums all around Hungary this upcoming Saturday as well. There will be special programs in all museums around in the city. You buy one ticket for the entire program, and with this you can enter into all the different museums in the city, and use the public transportation buses travelling between the different locations.

The adult ticket costs 1300 Forint, the ticket for children is 600 Forint.

The event starts at 18.00 and lasts until around 2:30 in the night.

Participating Budapest museums:
‘Zoltan steamer’ non-profit foundation, ‘Debrecen’ ex-‘Kassa’ Danube-sea ship
Ability Park
Endre Ady Memorial Museum
Collection of Veterinary History
Collection of Regional History of Angyalföld (Budapest 13th district)
Aquincum Museum
Bajor Gizi Actors’ Museum
Stamp Museum
Budapest Center for Architect (FUGA)
Budapest University of Technology and Economics-Jendrassik György Laboratory
Budapest University of Technology and Economics-NTICL
Budapest History Museum
Labyrinth of Buda Castle
The Exhibition Hall of the Csekovszky Collection
Museum of Electrotechnics
Eötvös Loránd University, University Library
Erdős Renée Ház – Public Collection and Art Gallery
Ernst Museum
Lutheran Museum
Gallery Eventuell
Ferihegy Aircraft Memorial Park
Underground Railway Museum
Fonó Budai Music Hall
Gallery Lénia
The collection of local history of the XII. th district
Military History Institute and Museum
Holdudvar Gallery
Holocaust Memorial Center
Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts
Museum of Applied Arts
Kassák Museum
Piety Museum
Museum Kiscell
Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum
Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art
Hungarian House of Photography
Hungarian University of Fine Arts
Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism
Museum of Hungrian Agriculture
Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport
Hungarian National Gallery
Hungarian National Museum
State Archives of Hungary
Hungarian Television Co.
Hungarian Natural History Museum
Hungarian Railway Museum
Hungarian Jewish Museum
Children’s Railway, Budapest
Respect for All – Kossuth Klub
Pál Molnár-C. Studio-Museum
HAS’s Collection of Art
Museum of Music History
Kunsthalle – Budapest
National Dance Theatre
Museum of Ethnography
Museum of Óbuda
Öntödei Múzeum
Hungarian Meteorological Service
National Educational Library and Museum
National Széchényi Library
OSA Archivum/Galeria Centralis (at Central European University)
Pesterzsébet of Museum
Petőfi Literary Museum
Post Museum
The Bartók House of Music in Rákoshegy
Police-history Museum
Semmelweis Museum, Library and Archives of the History of Medicine
SYMBOL Budapest
Szántó Piroska-Vas István Emlékmúzeum
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Hospital in the Rock – Secret Civil Defence Hospital and Nuclear Bunker
Tabán Museum
House of Terror
Tűzraktér Independent Cultural Centre
Museum of the Hungarian Customs and Finance Guard
Vasarely Museum
Former Szikra/Metro Cinema (Ruttkai ÉvaTheatre)
Local History and Schoolmuseum, Pestszentlőrinc (Budapest, XVIII.)
Zwack Unicum Heritage Visitors’ Centre

Museums in Budapest

Event press release:
The eighth Night of Museums, held nation-wide on 19 June, will offer hundreds of programmes and exhibitions to the public.
In keeping with the traditions of major European capitals, Hungary has, since 2003, hosted the Night of Museums on the Saturday closest to Midsummer’s Eve, the longest day of the year. On this day, exhibitions are open after-hours until late at night, and in addition to tours, many other active programmes are available from late afternoon until dawn. A mix of fire juggling, presentations, dance and theatre, special performances, musical events and discussions will be offered nationwide on the Night of Museums.
The first Night of Museums in Hungary only attracted a few thousand people, but by last year, their number had grown to over 380,000 nationwide. This is also the outcome of more and more museums participating each year: a new record will be set this year, with 84 locations available in Budapest and 191 in the country.
Last year, a new tradition was established in the form of the Autumn Night of Museums, which was also well-received by visitors. The initiative was spurred by the huge success of the Night of Museums and by surveys which revelaled that there was public demand for more “Night of Museums” type of events.