Oktoberfest Budapest 2013

Would you like to feel the spirit of Munich, Paris or Washington in the capital of Hungary, Budapest? What is the common in these listed metropolises? The Oktoberfest!

On 11-12-13 October 2013 girls and boys, young and old can enjoy the famous beer festival at one of the most popular family friendly place of the Hungarian capital. Naturally beer is not the only thing what welcomes visitors; there are lots of other programs too. Besides the great Hungarian beers, visitors can try the famous Bavarian beers too, the traditional Hungarian short drink, the palinka in different tastes and of course the Hungarian kitchen appears as well at the Oktoberfest in Budapest.

If you stay in Budapest between 11 and 13 October 2013, bring your whole family and don’t stop until the Kopaszi Dam. We emphasize that is a family program, because besides the drinking for adults, there are children programs too: tale corner, arts and crafts and competitions.

And when it is enough of tasty beers, foods and games, let’s go to the Culture Street, where troupes, craftsmen, publishers and artists entertain the visitors. And we haven’t talked about the beautiful environment! The Kopaszi Dam is a beautiful park next to Budapest’s famous international river, the Danube, so the view is breathtaking.

Moreover another festival is happening at the same time in district 5, Városháza Park, which is the event of one of the most popular sweets in the Carpathian Basin, the Chimney Cake festival! Have a great time for them!

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Chimney Cake festival 2013

We mostly recommend our next article for sweet-toothed people: this is the Chimney Cake festival between 11 and 13 October 2013 at the Városháza Park in the center city. I am sure that most people ask now: what is Chimney Cake? Probably you are surmising this is some delicious sweet cake, but it is firstly popular for Hungarians, so this is the short story of Chimney Cake, or in Hungarian: Kürtőskalács.

Chimney cake originates from Transylvania, but today the whole area knows it very well. The preparation is not too difficult, they ride yeast cake to a wooden rod, bake it until it becomes auburn and flavor it with different spices. There is vanillin, cinnamon and other interesting flavored chimney cake, so everybody can find their favorite.

On the three days event, lots of program welcomes visitors, for example different Hungarian pop stars’ concerts, fire jugglers, magician, and clown for youngsters and even for elders, and as the top of the festival: common cooking! On the second day of the festival a record attempt – common chimney cake cooking welcomes visitors. We hope it is going to work, even with your help!

At the same time of the first Chimney Cake festival, the first Hungarian Oktoberfest is happening at the Kopaszi Dam, so it is worth to visit to Hungarian capital, Budapest for these three days, because you would definitely have a fantastic time here with any company: friends, family or love, and everybody can find the perfect program for them. Have a great time in Budapest!

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Palinka and Sausage festival coming back in 2013

The dates have been announced for the Palinka and Sausage festival in 2013. Tradition is followed and the dates are only announced a few weeks before the actual festival. So also this year, so in less than two weeks the festival will come upon us and it is possible to taste a wide selection of Hungarian Palinka and taste traditional sausuage.

As always there will be a special guest coming to the festival, and in 2013 that guest will be “rum.” This means that as you come to visit the festival area you will get several chances not only to taste the traditional Hungarian food and fruit spirit, but also taste a wide selection of rums. The entrance fee is 2000 HUF for a day ticket, which also gives you a small tasting glass which is a quite nice souvenir to bring with you home after some days in Budapest.

The area for the festival is the castle area, so again a great opportunity to enjoy a beautiful panorama and visit one of the most visited areas combined with this festival, all in one!

Hungarian sausage

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