Pieter Hugo: This Must Be The Place – Selected Works 2003-2012

Pieter HugoPieter Hugo was born in 1976 in Capetown, South Africa. He chose the photographer profession, and he focuses on Africa’s social and economic conflicts, and the actual problems and challenges of the transforming continent. The artist, earlier working as a photo reporter, won the price of the most prestigious press photo competition, THe World Press Photo, in 2006, and opened an independent show at the Hague Museum of Photography in 2012.

He takes beautiful, real and sometimes sad photos. Those who are curious about Hugo’s work, travel to the capital of Hungary, the scenic Budapest, because there will be a fantastic exhibition about Pieter Hugo’s works between 2003 and 2012 in the Ludwig Museum, or on another name the Museum of Contemporary Art, for 24 May 2013 to 11 August 2013.

The capital of Hungary, Budapest is a perfect destination for everyone. Travel with your family, friends or love to this beautiful city, where something always happens. There are wonderful buildings, for example the Buda Castle or the Parliament. Fantastic hiking places in the city or out the city are the Margaret Island, the Gellert-hill or the Budakeszi Forest. Delicious wines, special dishes invite tourists. And the list contains the culture too, because there will be an amazing Pieter Hugo exhibition at the Ludwig Museum? What do we need more?

Pieter Hugo exhibition
May 24th – August 11th
Ludwig museum