Pig slaughtering on December 8th

Pig slaughtering on December 8th
Pig slaughtering on December 8th

A very traditional Hungarian program in December, January and February on cold days is pig slaughtering. It might sound cruel, but for many this is a big celebration as they throughout the day prepare sausage, ham and lots of other stuff and eat traditional pig slaughtering food throughout the day. At the end of the day the fill up their freezers with the meat prepared during the day.

We hereby invite you to come and see how this takes place and to eat the food together with a mixture of other tourists and locals!

The program is as follows:

5.00 – Slaughtering of the pig (we are still sleeping then)

8.00 – Pick up at your hotel and transportation to the farm where the program takes place

9.30 – Arrival at the farm and breakfast time
The breakfast is a real farm breakfast with ham, meat and lots of delicious stuff. After the breakfast you are free to help out with the work on the slaughtered pig, or simply relax in the farm building. A small wine tasting will also be added to the program between breakfast and lunch.

13.00 – Lunchtime (with food you will not get served in your Budapest hotel)
After the lunch you can either stay at the farm and help out with the work, or you can join in on a small excursion to the nice town Kecskemet not far from the farm. The transportation is included in the price in case you want the excursion.

18.00 – Dinner time (eat some of the food that has been prepared during the day)
After the dinner you can buy meat, salami and ham to bring with you home. After the shopping we get back on the bus and travel back to Budapest.

Would you like to join us on this? The program will take place once only and that date is December 8th. The price is 20,000 HUF per person which includes transportation, 3 meals and a small wine tasting. If you want to join, contact us and inform us about amount of persons, a mobile number and the name of your hotel in Budapest. We will get back to you with further information as soon as we receive your message.

Merry Christmas and look forward to hearing from you!