The friendship between Rippl-Rónai and Maillol

Rippl ROnaiThere will be a huge exhibition on the two artists Rippl-Rónai József and Aristide Maillol from the middle of December in 2014 in the National Gallery, located in the Buda Caste.

The exhibition will be held in the Hungarian capital in Budapest. Rippl-Rónai József was a Hungarian Post-Impressionist painter who was born in 1861 and died in 1927. He was one of the most influential Post-Impressionist artist of Hungary and he also had a great impact on the life of the art in Hungary. Aristide Maillol was a French sculptor, painter and printmaker. He was born in 1861 and he died in 1944 and he is one of the most outstanding sculptor of France.

The exhibition in Budapest will show the friendship and the art works of the two artists. The exhibition focuses on to reveal the secrets behind the friendship of Rippl-Rónai and Maillol through their master pieces. At the exhibition visitors can discover the artists most important art works and you will also have the chance to have a closer look on the most famous portrait of Rippl-Rónai of his friend Maillol. Apart from this at the exhibition there will be a wide range of various art works of the artists including several works of Maillol (sculptures, carpets, paintings and so on). There will be approximately 40 art works of the French sculptor at the exhibition. The exhibition on Maillol and Rippl-Rónai will take place at the Hungarian capital in Budapest at the Hungarian National Gallery. The exhibition can be seen from 17th December 2014 until 6th April in 2015.

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Monet, Gauguin, Szinyei Merse, Rippl-Rónai exhibition at the National Gallery

Yes, you actually read the title correctly; these and other famous painters’ work are exhibited at the National Gallery in Budapest until 13 October 2013!

Monet Nemzeti GaleriaThe exhibition is special in several ways. First of all, this is the reunited Museum of Fine Arts’ and National Gallery’s first common exhibition. The other reason is, the Israel Museum have big part in the exhibition’s life. The institution in Jerusalem and the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts have worked together earlier, when the Holy Land’s Heritage exhibition was in Budapest in 2009 and at the same time the Israel Museum showed Hungarian graphics to its audience.

The three cultural institutions, the Israel Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery show masterpieces like Monet’s, Gauguin’s and the Hungarian Rippl-Rónai’s and Szinyei Merse’s works, as you can see in the title. Besides them visitors could admire in the art of Pissarro, Degas, Renoir, Cézanne and Van Gogh too, and they are just the foreign names! Naturally the Hungarian talents can’t stay out from this monumental event, so you could see the masterpieces of Ferenczy Károly, Vaszary János, Fényes Adolf or Mednyánszky László in the Gallery.

If you like art and your favorite topic is exactly the impressionism and post-impressionism, you should definitely visit the National Gallery until 13 October 2013 in Budapest!

Exhibition-group at the National Gallery
Until October 13th

Rippl-Rónai temporary exhibition

If you are a fan of József Rippl-Rónai the Hungarian National Gallery has an amazing exhibition currently going. He was inspired by the life in Europe during his lifetime, and József lived in Paris and received a lot of inspiration from that wonderful city. In this exhibition you can see many of his most famous works and this is a great exhibition to get to know more about one of the most famous Hungarian painters of all time.

Rippl-Rónai – Pieces of Art from the Hands of Old Collectors
26 October 2011 – 23 September, 2012
Hungarian National Gallery

Budapest Museums


El Greco to Rippl-Rónai

El Greco to Rippl-Rónai
El Greco to Rippl-Rónai

The Museum of Fine Arts has a fine exhibition going currently named: “El Greco to Rippl-Rónai.” This is an exhibition is a tribute to Marcell Jánoshalmi Nemes who was one of the most significant art collectors in early twentieth-century Hungary, as well as one of its most contradictory figures, whose extensive activities as both an art patron and collector became legendary during his own lifetime.

At the exhibition you can see treasured pieces of Nemes’s former El Greco collection, and also wroks from Mihály Munkácsy, Károly Ferenczy, József Rippl-Rónai, Pál Szinyei Merse, Béla Uitz, Károly Kernstok and János Vaszary.

El Greco to Rippl-Rónai
Museums of Fine Arts
October 26, 2011 – February 19, 2012

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