Rollingbeer – Beer Bike

Beer Bike BudapestProbably you know that the Hungarian nation don’t despise tasty drinks. The country’s alcohol culture is very important part of tourism. We don’t talk about alcoholism, it is liquid gastronomy, because delicious homemade beers, fantastic wines and the special national short drink, the pálinka are very demanding drinks which should only be enjoyed with responsibility. There is an opportunity in Budapest where you can burn calories while drinking: the Rollingbeer.

Maybe you have heard about this structure earlier in other countries. The Rollingbeer is a 14 seats + 1 driver seat vehicle with pedals and a round counter, what is safely and easily accessible for everybody. The delicious beers and wines provide for the great atmosphere, moreover there is a disco ball over the counter and a music center, what can play your taste of music, if you bring a CD or an MP3 player. 8 pair of pedals help the progression, but those, who can’t feel the power to ride, can sit on one of the 6 lazy seats, and don’t have to do other, just drink and sightseeing.

This tourist attraction and/or party opportunity is the perfect choice for a friend group, who love tasty drinks, but don’t want to waste their time in Budapest in a pub, but want to meet the local attractions. Smoking is possible on the Rollingbeer.