Budafok Champagne and Wine Festival

Do you want to taste some wine or local sparkling wine? Does it sound tempting to visit a festival with a very large percentage of locals visiting? This is the festival to visit!

There are lots of fantastic festivals arranged in Budapest every year, but many of them are packed with tourists, and too expensive for the locals. But, if you come to the Budafok Champagne and Wine Festival you will discover something completely different.

First of all, the festival is free to visit. All you need to do is to travel on tram 47 from Deak Ferenc Ter / Astoria / Fovam tér, and travel to the end station. You will then be in the festival area and from here you can walk around accompanied by thousands of locals as you taste wine, champagne, and spirits, or eat some cool Hungarian festival food.

Hungary’s most famous champagne maker, Törley, has a factory in this area. They are heavily taking part in the festival, and as a visitor, you can also visit their factory to taste and to learn.

Budafok Champagne and Wine Festival 2023

Dates: September 1-3
Location: Budafok

The festival starts on Friday evening, and it is open throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday. There will be outdoor concerts on both days, ensuring the atmosphere is fantastic!

We can warmly recommend this program to everyone who visits Budapest in this period! If you cannot come, you might want to join us on some other wine tasting. You can read more about wine-tasting programs in Budapest and outside Budapest right here.

Have you got any questions about the festival itself? Write a comment below. Would you like to read about other festivals and events in Budapest? Take a look at our Budapest calendar.

Rosé and sparkling wine festival 2024

Do you like the sound of rosé wine and lots of sparkling wine? Would you like to taste this and more at a festival in the beautiful City Park in Budapest? Come to the Rosé and sparkling wine festival!

There are lots of fantastic festivals and events happening in Budapest every year. The annual wine festival in September might be the most famous wine event, but if you have a special interest in rosé wines and sparkling wine, this is the festival you should visit.

In the festival area, there will be live concerts, programs and special tents for kids, and lots of stands where you can both eat and drink.

The festival is free, but if you want to buy wine in the area, you will need to purchase the official festival glass which costs 1800 HUF.

Rosalia festival in Budapest

Rosalia festival in Budapest 2024

Location: City Park
Dates: May 31 – June 2

  • The festival area is open from 14.00 until 24.00 on Friday.
  • The festival area is open from 11.00 until 24.00 on Saturday.
  • The festival area is open from 11.00 until 21.00 on Sunday.

How can I get to the festival area?

  • Travel with the yellow metro to Hösök tere or to Szechenyi fürdő.
  • Go with bus 20E, 30, 30A, 105, 230 to Hösök tere (Heroes Square)
  • Travel with trolley bus 75, 79 to Hösök tere.

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Enjoy your trip to Budapest!

Bubble festival in Budapest (Buborék Fesztivál)

This weekend a Bubble festival (Buborék Fesztivál) is arranged in Budapest at the Elisabeth square, next to the popular club Akvarium.

The opening day of the festival was yesterday and it will last until tomorrow, so if you have the chance, drop by the square to see what this cool festival has to offer. The program is going on at the square from 14.00 until 02.00 and at the square there will be concerts, DJ and lots of bubbles to drink. Because after all, bubbles is what the festival is about, bubbles in drinks.

That again means that at the festival which has free entrance you can taste champagne, sparking wine, prosecco and lots of other tasty and famous drinks. As the sun goes down, the party starts, so this might be one of the best places if you want to party and dance before and after midnight!

The Buborek fesztival is arranged for the second time this year, first time was in 2012. Hopefully that means that it was a success in 2012 and that it is a festival that we can count on in the years to come!

Bubble festival 2013 (Buborék fesztivál 2013)

July 26th-28th
Erzsebet square

Bubble festival in Budapest (Buborék Fesztivál)