Which are the best activities in Budapest in April?

Summer isn’t here yet, but you have decided to take some days off to visit Budapest. Even though April is a spring month, the weather isn’t always stable, meaning that you can expect both sunshine and some rainshowers. When you plan your trip to Budapest in April, which are the things you should take into consideration? Are there any activities you should reserve beforehand or put on your schedule?

Spring comes early to Budapest, and already in March, you can be lucky enough to catch days with high temperatures, meaning that you can wear a shorts and t-shirt outside. But, that isn’t the normal, and there is a big difference between the beautiful days and the not so beautiful days. Of course, all days are beautiful in Budapest, but you should look at the weather forecast before you travel to get a hint of what kind of weather you can expect, as this will greatly influence what your days will be like and how much time you want to spend outside.

Budapest in April – some ideas!

If you come to Budapest on some beautiful days in April, then you should use the chance to sit outdoor and drink delicious white wine from Tokaj, a spritz (combination of rose/white-wine and water with gas), and also to eat traditional Hungarian food. Many restaurants have tables outside waiting for you on days with warmer temperatures and sunshine, so you should look for such restaurants as you plan where to eat your dinner.

spritz in budapest

If you experience Budapest on a sunshine day in April, the hop-on hop-off buses are perfect, especially those without roof. It isn’t so warm that you melt, and the sun isn’t at its strongest yet (UV), but you can still feel good and see Budapest from the top of the bus, enjoying the sun and all the fantastic Budapest attractions. If you’d rather explore Budapest on a guided tour on foot, that is also a fantastic activity on a nice sunshine day in April.

hop on hop off budapest

It might require some planning ahead, but if you like running, then there are several running competitions in Budapest in April. Some of them are half-marathons, while others come with both shorter and longer distances available. You can read more about upcoming events, concerts, and exhibitions in Budapest in our Budapest calendar.

running in budapest

What else is there to say? As spring comes around, so does all the wonderful colors of nature. Why not visit the zoo in the City Park which is a combination of a botanical garden and a zoo? It will give you the pleasure of watching magnificent and majestic animals, combined with the peaceful colors of nature and beautiful flowers and trees. If you’d rather just enjoy the colors of nature, then a visit to the Japanese garden on the Margaret Island, or the botanical garden “Füvészkert” near the metro stop Semmelweis Klinikak are wonderful chances to see spring come forth.

Japanese Garden

No matter how many times you have been to Budapest, a boat trip on the Danube is a wonderful activity. If you have been on the Danube 30 times before, or it is something you have never experienced, it is a fantastic experience you shouldn’t miss. Do not forget, to see Budapest by daytime and in the evening are two widely different experiences, so both of them are warmly recommended!

If you want to leave the city center and explore the vicinity, do like most other people do. Travel by metro to Nyugati Pályaudvar (blue line) and travel by bus 291 to the endstation. There you will find the chair-lift which will take you more than 262 meters upwards in about 12 minutes. At the end station you can walk around in a beautiful green area, or simply get back on the chair-lift and travel back to the city.

budapest chairlift

These are some fantastic activities you should consider if you come to Budapest in April. For more information about ongoing and upcoming programs in Budapest, look at our page “What’s going on in Budapest.”

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