Watch Turkey – Hungary online for free on March 26th

If you are one of the many fans who want Hungary to be there in the World Cup in 2014, then you better cheer for the Hungarian players as they face a very difficult opponent in Turkey tomorrow. After a disappointing draw against Romania on Friday the Hungarians will aim for three points in this match. This is how you can see the match for free online!

If you live in Hungary you can simply watch it on M1, the national TV channel in the nation. If you live outside Hungary you can still watch it online, but you need to get a Hungarian IP address to do so. If you want to check your current IP address you can do so in the IP Address Guide.

Once you have gotten hold of your Hungarian IP address, you can just visit the homepage of MTV in Hungary, find the live stream and go ahead and watch the World Cup qualifier match between Turkey and Hungary live online, for free.

In the article about how to get a Hungarian IP address, you will read about a VPN tool named NordVPN. It works easily and is very easy and quick to install and setup. But, it can get quite busy at the Hungarian server, so if you are not satisfied with the result you get, you can always ask for a refund for the service (the offer 30-day payback guarantee if you are not satisfied).

The live stream from M1 in Hungary can normally be found here. Sometimes they use another stream during larger sports events, but if they do so, visit and you should be able to find the live stream there.