Tasting beer in Budapest

Hungary is known for Tokaj wine and quite some tasty red wines, but not especially for the beer produced in the nation. Beerlovers rather travel to Prague instead, normally! Unfortunately most breweries in Budapest are closed to tourists, and if they arrange guided tours it is so seldom, it is almost impossible to fit this into the schedule and timing of a tourist.

But, we have now composed a new “guided tour“, or a so called Breweri Tour. We must admit that it is not a big breweri, it is not an amazing, but it is a place where you can see beer production take place, taste special unfiltered 100% beer, and later taste three beers produced at the place, while eating some small stuff served next to the beer.

So, if you are interested in beer, like drinking it, and would like to see how it is made, then this trip is made for you! More information at our Breweri Tour page.

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