The Christmas Markets in Budapest in 2019

Christmas markets in Budapest

The 2018 Christmas markets are barely over, and already people are preparing for the upcoming Christmas markets in Budapest. But, when will the Christmas markets in Budapest be arranged in 2019?

One of the questions we received most throughout the entire year, is whether or not we have the final dates for this year’s Christmas markets in Budapest. And guess what? We have the dates.

You can start planning your trip to the Christmas markets in Budapest in 2019 already, because the biggest Christmas market at the Vorosmarty square will open on November 8th and be open until the first day of 2020, January 1st.

If you have seen the video beneath which we made in January 2019, you can see that our main guess was an opening on November 8th (or 15th), and the guess on November 8th was a success!

What about the Christmas market by the Basilica?

Budapest doesn’t have only one big Christmas market, the city has two. So, what about the Christmas market in front of St. Stephen’s basilica?

The Christmas market by St. Stephen’s Basilica will open on November 22nd and it will remain open until January 1st in 2020.


It is time to get ready for this year’s Christmas markets already. You can read more about the Christmas markets in Budapest right here. We can also recommend our article with some useful pieces of advice to everyone coming to Budapest for the Christmas markets.

If you should have any comments or questions, please write them down! Would you like to enjoy other programs while in Budapest? You can read more about wine-tasting programs, brewery visits with lots of food, guided tours, river cruises, private airport transfers and more here in our Budapest Guide!

4 thoughts on “The Christmas Markets in Budapest in 2019

  1. Pat brown says:

    The Budapest Christmas market for 2019. Is the market on every day?or only certain days of the week. Is it better to go early evening for atmosphere. I will arrive december19th til 22nd will the market still be on? Are there other events on at this time

    • Budapest Guide says:

      Dear Pat,
      the Christmas market is open every single day in the period, but it closes earlier on December 24th (that is the only exception). Besides the Christmas markets and some concerts in churches, there will not be many special events in this period of the year.

  2. Lotte says:

    Hi, Any news on when the Christmas markets begin this year?.
    I am in Budapest from 9th to 16th november, will I be alle to see them?
    Thanks in advance.

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