The Christmas markets in Györ (Hungary) in 2023.

The city of Györ is approximately 125km from the city center of Budapest. The town is well known for its beauty and being the home of one of the best female handball teams in the world. Many people drive next to it as they come to Budapest from Bratislava or Vienna by car, but few people decide to spend some hours in the city. But, Györ is worth visiting, and here we will give you information about the city’s most important Christmas markets.

As mentioned, Györ is located along the M1 highway connecting Budapest with cities such as Bratislava and Vienna. It takes about 80 minutes to get to the center of Györ from Budapest, and you need almost the same time to travel to Györ from Vienna.

travel from budapest to györ

If you want to watch a handball match or a football match in Györ, the football stadium and the handball arena are located next to the road connecting the city center with the highway, so they are both very easy to find.

If you arrive by train, you will find yourself perfectly located immediately, so you are ready to explore the city at once. Those arriving by car will need to find a parking lot somewhere. The city is divided into zones, and the most expensive is priced at 520 HUF per hour. It is free to park in the city on Sundays.

Where are the Christmas markets in Györ located?

Christmas market by the City Hall.

There are three important areas that you need to explore if you want to experience Christmas and the Christmas markets in Györ. The first is located by the railway station. On a nice big square next to Hotel Rába (a nice place to stay while in Györ), you will find this market.

christmas in györ
Boldog karácsonyt means Merry Christmas.

Above, you can see an image of the city hall in Györ. This is on the other side of the road from the Christmas markets, and it is located next to the railway station. At this market, you will find quite a lot of souvenirs and handmade artifacts. You will, of course, also find something to drink and eat.

christmas market by city hall in gyor

If I had to give a ranking of the three Christmas market options in downtown Györ, this would probably end up as the least interesting. But maybe you will disagree with me on that?

When you are finished looking around at the square, you can easily move on to discover more Christmas markets in the city of Györ. Below you can see a map presenting the three main areas for the Christmas markets in Györ. We have already taken a look at the one opposite the city hall. What about the others?

the three christmas markets in gyor

Christmas market in Baross Gábor út.

If you head to Baross Gábor út (which starts next to the Christmas market we already discussed), you can walk in a very nice pedestrian street. This is nice for shopping all year round but especially nice during the Christmas markets. In this period, stalls are located all along the street, and here you will meet locals and tourists drinking hot wine, eating roasted chestnuts, tasting lángos, and enjoying other sweets.

The street looks nice during the daytime, but like everywhere else, the real Christmas market atmosphere comes when it is dark and the lights are turned on. If you want to grab something to eat very fast (and not eat on the Christmas market), then you can find several bakeries, a Mcdonalds’, and several other options in this street besides what the Christmas market has to offer.

You should absolutely walk here to look around. The street has a friendly atmosphere, and it is lovely to see a mixture of locals and tourists eat, drink, and enjoy life as you walk up and down the street.

Dates for this Christmas market: November 26, 2023 – December 23, 2023.

Christmas market at Szechenyi Square.

If we had to pick one Christmas market in Györ, this would be our favorite. Luckily, we don’t have to choose, meaning we can visit everyone. But this is still the one with the nicest atmosphere and with the “nicest” Christmas atmosphere. There aren’t hundreds of stalls here, but you can buy food, drinks, and handicrafts from approximately 25-30 stalls. Besides this, you have activities and lovely decorations making it a fantastic place to visit.

As you can see from the pictures above, the Christmas market at Szechényi Square is beautifully decorated, and it has effects that wildly cheer up kids coming along. It might be that the decorations will change from year to year, but this is still a place that takes the holiday effects and decorations seriously. Of course, kids always love to meet Santa Claus, and the little railway for children at the square always forces parents to spend more money than initially planned as they visit the square. But that’s what Christmas is all about.

Szechenyi Square Christmas market dates: November 26, 2023 – December 23, 2024

Santa Claus will come to the Santa house on December 6 to give presents to kids in the area. The lights on the advent wreath are lightened every Sunday at 17.00.

Christmas market at Dunakapu Square.

This isn’t even visible on the map above, but it is probably the biggest and most popular location in Györ. Do you know why? Here you will see programs such as fire juggling, there is a Ferris Wheel at the location, you have the chance to use a dodgem, and there is a Merry-Go-Round for kids. Besides this, you have the traditional stuff required for something to be a fantastic Christmas market. In other words, do not miss out on Dunakapu Square if you come to check out the Christmas markets in Györ.

Dunakapu Square Christmas market dates: November 26, 2023 – January 1, 2024

What should you buy at the Christmas markets in Györ?

We have a long and thorough article about the Christmas markets in Budapest here in our Budapest Guide. There you can see a long list of recommendations concerning what to eat and drink and buy at the Christmas markets in the Hungarian capital. The truth is, you will find mostly the same products at the Christmas markets in Györ. In other words, this is a place to taste Hungarian gastronomy and buy handicrafts. You will find more products aimed at tourists in Budapest, while there will be more products aimed at locals in Györ.

chocolate at the christmas markets in gyor

One thing many people buy is sweets of all sorts. There are lots of gingerbread cakes available, decorated with different colors. You can also find handmade chocolate pralines filled with marzipan, cognac, whiskey, rum, nuts, and other delicious stuff. The chocolate pralines in the picture above are quite expensive, but they are still cheaper at the Christmas markets in Györ than they would be if you bought them at the Christmas markets in Budapest.

tea at the christmas markets in gyor

As mentioned, you will find more products aimed at locals as you visit the Christmas markets in Györ. Above, you can see a picture from a stall selling tea, tea boxes, and tea cups. This is something that locals, as well as tourists, will find tempting. It is a perfect present to buy for someone else, and it might be tempting to bring some bags of tea, combined with a nice box, and a cup for yourself as well. This is especially nice, knowing that these are not mass-produced cups and boxes, meaning that you will have something created by hand someone somewhere in Hungary!

christmas decorations

There are also Christmas decorations for sale at the Christmas markets in Györ. Some of these are universal, meaning that they are suitable for Christmas trees all around the world. Some are aimed at locals since the text printed on the objects is Hungarian. No matter what, these are souvenirs that will remind you of Györ and Hungary as you return home, and as you can see above, they are not very expensive either (1200 HUF = 3 Euro, at the time of writing).

Are the Christmas markets in Györ cheaper than the Christmas markets in Budapest?

The general answer to that question is yes. We cannot give an answer promising that everything will be cheaper, but generally, most products are cheaper in Györ than in Budapest. Why is that? The products are similar, but the rental prices are lower for the stalls. Of course, the revenue is much higher in Budapest, but still – you will spend less in Györ.

It is also a major difference that you will meet more locals in Györ than in Budapest. Why is that? The prices at the Christmas markets in Budapest (the two central markets) are so expensive for locals that they don’t really care about them anymore. As a result, you will meet other tourists as you visit them. But, as you visit the Christmas markets in Budapest located outside the main tourist area, you will immediately meet locals again, and that is true about the Christmas markets in Györ as well.

Where to live in Györ?

Would you like to discover Györ and the Christmas markets in quietness and peace without stressing? Then you should spend a night in the city so you can explore everything the city has to offer during daytime and nighttime. The city has a beautiful zoo and lots of attractions worth visiting, so you don’t need to worry that you will be bored. But, where should you live?

Below you can see a map showing the city center of Györ with hotels and apartments. All the accommodation options there are very well located in the city center, meaning you can reach the Christmas markets, the railway station, and all sorts of attractions easily.


The prices are estimations of what it will cost to book a hotel or an apartment in Györ on your selected dates. This will help you find a place to stay that isn’t too expensive and that will let you have money left to spend at the Christmas markets after paying for your hotel or apartment.

Where to eat in Györ?

The obvious answer is that you should eat at the Christmas markets! They have delicious food and you will taste some of the most popular meals in Hungary. You can find lots of warm meals at the Christmas markets, and you can also find sweets to eat for dessert.

But, if you want to dine in a normal restaurant, there are several you can choose from in the vicinity of the Christmas markets in Györ.

Komedias restaurant: This is a trendy restaurant among locals, simply because it has great Hungarian food at prices they can afford. It isn’t a place for a business dinner in a luxurious environment, but if you just want Hungarian food at great prices, this is a good place to go.

Address: Czuczor G. u. 30

Szalai vendeglö: It is very similar to the Komedias restaurant in many ways. Once again, you can eat traditional Hungarian meals, but with some more modern courses available. The price level is quite okay. If you want a nice lunch menu, this is a great place to go between 11.00 and 15.00.

Address: Kisfaludy u. 34.

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