The Day the Earth Stood Still

When I went to the cinema to see “The Day the Earth Stood Still” I did not have to high expectations. The last Keanu Reeves film I saw in the cinema was “Constantine”, and I remember only the fact that in my eyes it was terrible. With that in my mind I sat down to enjoy this film, the reinvention of the classic from 1951.

There are some things that makes me laugh when I go to cinema. One of those things are strange robot creatures which behave strangely. I got a nice laugh in this film! A giant robot that reminded me of Robocop with red laser coming out from the mask gave me a good reason to smile. But, the problem is that it was not meant to be funny.

The story of the film deals with Keanu Reeves coming to the earth as an alien (Klaatu), and he is here to decide what should be the destiny of the earth. Destruction or a second chance! We follow him and Helen Benson (played by Jennifer Connelly ) who tries to help him, who has a son following them throughout the film.

This could have been a good film, and though it might be that I do not like science-fiction to much, this was quite boring. I survived the film, and though one of the persons I watched the film together with really wanted to leave the cinema, and some other guests actually did, we stayed towards the end.

All in all I gave the film 3 out of 10 smileys!

Hungarian title: Amikor megállt a Föld

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