The easiest way to order a pizza to your hotel/apartment in Budapest!

Are you a tourist stranded in an apartment or in a hotel room, but don’t actually want to leave it? Maybe someone got sick, and now you have to cancel your night out, and instead, you just want to order some quick and easy food to your hotel? How and where can it be done?

I know you don’t come to Budapest to stay in your hotel room and to eat food delivered at your door. But, there are times when it is needed, and the question is: In such a moment, how and where to order your food online?

The answer is actually quite easy. One of the most successful startups is the so-called Netpincer, meaning Internet waiter. Here you can find all sorts of restaurants included in the list, and once you give them your location, you will find a big overview showing all the restaurants currently open near you, and able to deliver food to your address.

Once you get to the site, register your address and a phone number. You will then be able to start, and soon you can have your food delivered at your door, or to the reception of your hotel.

Ordering pizza to your house in Budapest
The website from which you can have pizza and other food delivered to your house in Budapest.

Can I make my entire order in English?

As you can see above, the website is available in English and all the general information is available in English. But, when you look at the ingredients of the pizza, it is all in Hungarian. Are you in for some risky business? Ordering a pizza or some other food without actually understanding what it is all about?

You don’t need to. They have included a Google Translate function at their website (normally at the right side of the website). There you can choose between a couple of languages (including English), and it is actually capable of translating the menus in a quite decent way.

As a result, you don’t have to play yatzy as you order the meal, as you can actually get a decent understand of your meal with the translation help before you order.

How much do I have to pay for the home-delivery?

There are quite big differences in the home-delivery fees as you order on this platform. Quite a lot of the restaurants will deliver to your home for somewhere between 0 and 300 HUF (from 0 till 1 Euro), while some are more expensive. But, you can see this easily on the website during the order process, so you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Where to order pizza online in Budapest?
Pizza home-delivery in Budapest

How fast is the food delivered?

This is also very different between all the restaurants. The average delivery time is somewhere between 45-60 minutes, but some restaurants deliver faster, and during peak-hours, things can also be much slower. But, all restaurants have an estimate available as you order, meaning that you should get a quite fair estimate of the arrival of the food even before you order.

How can I pay for my pizza-order?

As you place all the food you want in your basket, it is time to place the order. But, before you actually place the order, you will have to decide whether or not you want to pay online (with card) or if you want to pay in cash to the delivery guy. That is entirely up to you!

We hope this information will help you find the food you need. Once you are ready to go out and eat in a restaurant in Budapest, make sure to look around here in our Budapest Guide for inspiration and information. We have a really nice list presenting nine dinners in Budapest you will remember for a long time. You can also read more about all sorts of restaurants here at our website, and if you want to dine out on the Danube, make sure to enjoy a river cruise on the Danube with dinner.

If you have further questions about food-delivery in Budapest or some other topic related to that, use the comment field. We always try to answer questions and help out as quickly as possible!

2 thoughts on “The easiest way to order a pizza to your hotel/apartment in Budapest!

  1. Barbara Wilkinson-Main says:

    Are hotels okay about you ordering in from delivery apps like Wolt , Tesco etc ? Also they ask for a Budapest phone number but only have my uk mobile ? I’m going for a week but it’s for medical treatment so will be confined to a hotel room . Thanks

  2. Budapest Guide says:

    It shouldn’t normally cause any trouble, just let the company you order from know that you live in the hotel and that they can call you as the carrier brings the food to the hotel, and you will go down and pick it up by the entrance… or you can ask the delivery guy to carry it all the way to your room (and maybe give them something extra for that extra service).

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