Torkos csütörtök updates

Food in BudapestJanuary 15 we wrote about Torkos csütörtök in Budapest and we have many people reading about it. Recently we have also tried to help some people with table reservations for the evening, but it seems as if Torkos csütörtök is a very good event for the restaurants, as a lot of them are fully booked, which means no free tables. That is why we just want to advice everyone who wants to visit a restaurant in Budapest on February 26 (Torkos csütörtök) to do it as soon as possible.

Below you can see a list showing some of the restaurants giving 50 % discount on all meals on February 26. Our complete article about Torkos csütörtök can be found here.

Some of the restaurants involved
220 éves Pinceétterem, 42nd Street Bistro & Bar, A38 Budapest, Albatrosz, Alabárdos, Alcatraz, Angus, Anonymus, Artesano, Apetito, Apostolok, Bagolyvár, Café Kör, Nosztalgia, Sir Brian, Il Patio, Spoon, Tabáni Terasz, Óceán bár & grill, Karpatia, Matyas Pince, Arany Barany, Kulacs, Rézkakas, Károlyi, Vörös Postakocsi, Belcanto, Chez Daniel

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