Triathlon Budapest, September 8-12

Budapest Triathlon
Budapest Triathlon

Yesterday the Triathlon World Championship Series 2010 started in Budapest, and it will last until this Sunday. More than 4000 people will participate in this competition, with most competetors coming from abroad from all around the globe. The triathlon will lead to major roads being closed in these coming days, especially Saturday and Sunday when the lower river roads will be closed down and also the Chain Bridge and other important roads.

Still, this competition is great commercial for Budapest, and we hope that both participants and visitors will be able to enjoy the beauties of Budapest for a day or two, even though they are here because of the competition.

For more information on the Dextro Energy Triathlon, we recommend the official homepage of the competition.

If you are in town this weekend, do not forget the International Wine Festival of Budapest.

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