Whats up with James Bond?

Quantum of Solace BudapestSome weeks ago I mentioned in the blog that James Bond was going to have its premier in the cinemas of Budapest. Yesterday I was able to see the film myself, and I watched it with very low expectations. The reason was that I really did not like Casino Royale, and Daniel Craig was a way too brutal James Bond for me.

But, somehow the Quantum of Solace was much better than Quantum of Solace, at least in my oppinion. He is still quite brutal, but as I watched it, I still enjoyed this film much more than Casino Royale. It must be said that it is starting to look much more like a pure action film than a James Bond, since Q is not in the film, he is not introducing himself as “Bond, James Bond”, and it is no more “Shaken, not stirred”. But as an actionfilm I enjoyed the 1 hour and 40 minutes the film lasted!

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