Which shopping center has the best christmas decorations?

The 20th of November I wrote an article called “Christmas in WestEnd citycenter” and I also added some pictures to it. Yesterday I visited Arena Plaza, and made some pictures there as well (see below). Though Arena Plaza is the newest, WestEnd Citycenter is probably far more popular than Arena, much because of its great location (compared to Arena). But, since I first was there I thought I would compare which of them has the best christmas decorations inside. As can be seen on the pictures from Arena Plaza, they only had these round, colored orbs, while WestEnd has those colored orbs, but in addition those rectangular, golden stars… which I really like! So, based on this, my winner is WestEnd Citycenter…

If you disagree, or prefer the christmas decorations in another shoppingcenter, feel free to write a comment!

Pictures from Arena Plaza (for WestEnd pictures, go here)

Arena Plaza Christmas chaos A lousy christmas tree Christmas in Arena

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