15. March in Budapest, Hungary

A new national holliday is on the horizon, and in a few days Hungarian will celebrate March 15. But what is the day really about? Why do the Hungarians have a national holliday on this day?

History of Hungary

About March 15:
In 1848 the Hungarians started a revolution against the Habsburg empire, and they were fighting for liberation. It can be said that it started March 15, 1848, as Petöfi Sándor, one of the biggest Hungarian poets ever, held his speach in front of the National History Museum. After this the revolution continued, and it lasted for quite a long time, before it was finally stopped August 13, 1849. Some would also say that the final end was at October 6, 1849, as the Habsburgs exectued 13 generals from the 1848-1849 revolution. More about this in our article: “The 13 Martyrs of Arad – Clinking of beer mugs

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