Slumdog Millionaire in Budapest cinemas (review)

Slumdog Millionaire BudapestSome weeks ago I had never heard about this film. Then it won 8 Oscars, and everyone wants to see it. I watched the film in Mom Park and the cinema was almost filled up. My expectations were not big, as I did not really have much clue about the film and its story.

But as time went by and the film rolled on I realized; this is a great film. It is the story about the slumdogs in Mombai, India, and about Jamal taking part in the Indian version of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” We follow him, and I do not want to tell so much about the film, rather just advice everyone to go and watch it. Slumdog Millionaire is a clean, pure and nice film, but it also give insight into the life in India, and in the slum of India. Romance can of course be found in the film as well!

Some people have been discussing whether this film is better than for example “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” For me that is not even a question; it is ten times better (if not hundred). And it is great that Slumdog Millionaire, which is not a typical Hollywood film, wins 8 Oscars!

Based on all of this, I advice you all to go visit a Budapest cinema, and see if you agree with me, as I give Slumdog Millionaire ten out of ten smileys!

Hungarian title: Gettó milliomos

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