The exhibition presents the works of the American artist Alan Sonfist for the first time in Budapest and it will be available until February 15th this year.

Alan Sonfist exhibition

Alan Sonfist is one of the first and also the leading artists of the movement called environmental, earth or land art. The American artists is one of the most outstanding artist of the land art and he became famous with his first work ‘Time Landscape’ which he created in New York, Manhattan. This year the ‘Time Landscape’ celebrates its 50th birthday and in this occasion visitors will have the chance to explore this new form of art in Budapest. At the exhibition visitors have the chance to discover more on the art of Alan Sonfist and to explore more on this form of art as well. Alan Sonfist in his art works he deals with the history of nature and the effect people had on the Earth through the years and centuries. At the exhibition visitors can see nature and art from a new perspective. This is the first exhibition held in central and eastern Europe of the work of Alan Sonfist. The exhibition will take place at the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest from 18th December in 2014 until 15th February in 2015.

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