Autumn in Budapest and some average temperatures

I wrote on Twitter this morning that its raining in Budapest. Then I went out on a guided tour, but I forgot my umbrella at home. Starting on the Gellert Hill I soon got to regret my mistake. It started to rain a lot, and even more. In the castle district I bought an umbrella, but then of course I was already very wet. Anyway, the company was great and we all had a great time anyway. In the end we stopped and grabbed some hot Goulash soup.

So, the autumn has come to Budapest, and this week it is going to get even colder, and the bad weather will stay around. Last Thursday Budapest experienced a heat record (October 8), but that is now history and we can welcome the cold weather. My request is only that it should stop raining. It is okay with the cold weather, but the rain is making life miserable, at least when out guiding!

After my trip I went to a paperstore to buy a calender for 2010, as requests already start coming in. In my new calender they have written down average temperatures for big cities around the world, and one of them is Budapest. Below you can see what the average temperatures of Budapest are, according to my calender. For another theory concerning the average temperatures of Budapest, check out average temperature page.

Budapest average temperature

January: -2 Celsius
February: 1 Celsius
March: 7 Celsius
April: 13 Celsius
May: 17 Celsius
June: 21 Celsius
July: 23 Celsius
August: 23 Celsius
September: 18 Celsius
October: 13 Celsius
November: 6 Celsius
December: 1 Celsius

Climate in Budapest

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