Let us book your dinner and get 50% discount on the taxi

Budapest is a large city and it can be quite nice to have a taxi bringing you to the restaurant as you go out for dinner. To help our visitors arrange with this, we have made the following offer:

Let us book a dinner for you in any of the restaurants below, and we will give you 50% discount on the taxi. This means that from 2-4 persons the taxi price is max 2500 HUF (in most cases 1500 HUF), while for groups between 5-8 persons the price will be max 3500 HUF (in most cases 2500 HUF). The price is calculated based on the location of your hotel, so if it is far outside the citycenter the higher price should be expected.

If you would like to arrange with the transportation to the restaurant, just write it in the comment field the name of your hotel and that you request a transfer as you reserve your table, and we will write pick-up time and final price of the transfer in the confirmation that we normally send within 24-48 hours.

This offer is valid for the following restaurants, and only for dinner reservations (where the meal starts after 18.00):
Pampas Steakhouse
Matyas Pince
Sir Lancelot

Check out our Table Reservation page.

Based on the curencies of today the prices mentioned in Forints are:
1500 HUF = 5,60 EURO
2500 HUF = 9,40 EURO
3500 HUF = 13,15 EURO

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