Nine dinners in Budapest you will remember for a long time!

Are you looking for suggestions on places to eat in Budapest? Here we have compiled a list of nine dinner opportunities that for sure will give you many memories and experiences to remember for a long time.

We don’t expect you to consider all nine suggestions just as good, but, we are sure that everyone will find some of the ideas to be brilliant. And based on our own experience, we can clearly say that these are awesome experiences that will be stuck in your mind for a long time after the actual dinner.

Are you ready to go? If you find something you like, click the links to fix your reservations and to read more about the different restaurants and programs.

Nine fantastic dinner options in Budapest

Let us start with two gourmet restaurants that will give you a culinary experience to remember. These are not the cheapest experiences in Budapest, but considering the quality you get, the prices ain’t that bad at all!

Onyx Budapest – A two-starred dinner

Onyx was the first restaurant in Budapest to receive a Michelin star and was later the first restaurant ever to receive a second Michelin star. In other words, this is the only restaurant in Budapest with two Michelin-stars, and it is food and ingredients at the highest level. You will for sure remember your meal here for a long time, but be aware of the fact that you should reserve a table months before arrival if you want to be sure to get a free seat.

Gourmet dinner in Onyx Budapest

Onyx Budapest
Address: 1051 Budapest, Vorosmarty ter 7-8
Reservation: +36 30 508 06 22

Aszu Budapest – A gourmet dinner without stars

If you want to experience a Budapest dinner in high class and with the best ingredients, but without paying for the Michelin stars, Aszu is a perfect option. The restaurant is located in the heart of Budapest, not far from St. Stephen’s Basilica. Here you will often find free tables if you book a few days in advance, making it perfect for a very fine dinner in Budapest booked quite late. Aszu is also the name of the most famous wine produced in Hungary from the Tokaj region, making the restaurant a perfect place for a wine dinner where you combined the best ingredients with some of the best Hungarian wines.

Aszu restaurant in Budapest

Aszu Budapest
Address: 1051 Budapest, Sas u. 4.
Reservation: can be done here.

After two gourmet restaurants, it is time to change to some different restaurants in other interesting categories.

Dinner at the Danube River

The dinners you are served on the Danube might not be the most exclusive, but they will still give you memories to remember for a long time. What is better than enjoying a delicious meal (either served at the table or taken from a buffet), and then eating it while watching the beautiful city of Budapest outside the windows of the boat? Many of these boats also have live music in the background, giving you an even nicer experience during the trip.

There are river cruises with food available both during the daytime and nighttime, but if you want to see Budapest at its most magnificent, make sure to book a cruise in the evening!

Dinner at a river cruise in Budapest

Budapest River Cruises
More information about tours and booking opportunities here.

Eat a lot in Trofea Grill

Are you one of those who simply want to eat it all and taste it all? Maybe it is hard to choose only one main course from the menu? Go to Trofea Grill and enjoy food from a giant buffet. Here you can eat without stop and without limitations and taste a whole lot of variations of Hungarian food. There are soups, main courses, salads, desserts, fruits, vegetables, grill bar, and so much more to choose from, and besides eating a lot, you can also drink without limitations as everything is included in the price.

Buffet dinner in Trofea Grill Budapest

Trofea Grill
Address: Kiraly utca 30-32 , Margit Korut 2
Reservation: fix it here

There are a total of six Trofea Grill restaurants in Budapest, but the two addresses above are to the best two restaurants in the category.

A fantastic wine dinner in Budapest

Hungary is a nation of wine production, and what can then be better than to enjoy a large wine dinner while in Budapest? We have two awesome wine dinners available to our guests and they are both arranged in central Budapest, not far from the Ferenciek square. At both dinners, you will be served traditional Hungarian courses combined with 100% authentic Hungarian wines. Neither of the menus should be considered gourmet dinners, but they are still in high quality and should be satisfying to most people out there looking for dinners with good drinks and high-quality food.

wine dinner in budapest

Wine dinners in Budapest
Arranged in BorLaBor and Karolyi restaurant in Budapest
More information and booking can be done here.

A Medieval dinner with belly-dancing

It might not sound so attractive, but the Sir Lancelot restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in all of Budapest. It is crowded on all evenings (almost), and here you can enjoy giant plates of food served to you and your companions. But, that isn’t all. The restaurant is furnished with medieval furniture, there is live middle age music in the background, you can experience sword-fights and belly-dancing, and it is an experience people come to experience over and over again while in Budapest. A really authentic and awesome experience for those who want a somewhat different restaurant experience in Budapest.

Medieval dinner in Sir Lancelot Budapest

Sir Lancelot Budapest
Address: 1065 Budapest, Podmaniczky u. 14.
Reservation: fix it right here.

Brewery dinner for those who love beer

Are you in love with beer? Do you want to eat a lot, and at the same time drink and enjoy beer brewed at the actual restaurant? Our brewery dinner might be exactly what you have been looking for. The restaurant/brewery is located near the Kalvin square and here you will combine a four-course dinner with a brewery visit, accompanied by four beers and four Hungarian fruit spirits (Palinka). You will for sure not leave the restaurant hungry, but you might walk a bit shady after getting quite a lot of alcohol into your blood during your time at the place.

The four courses served are quite traditional Hungarian courses, and the portions are like you expect them to be in Hungary – BIG!

Beer dinner in Kaltenberg Budapest

Brewery dinner Budapest
Address: Kinizsi utca 30-36 (Kaltenberg)
Reservation: This program is made for us and can be booked here.

Juicy steaks in La Pampa / Pampas

Do you like the sound of a juicy steak, or maybe a Kobe steak while in Budapest? At both La Pampa and Pampas Steakhouse, you have the chance to eat steaks in all sizes and with all sorts of side dishes. Both restaurants are known for their high quality, and they are both located in the heart of Budapest. La Pampa is close to the St. Stephen’s Basilica and has a beautiful interior, while Pampas is next to the Grand Market Hall and might look a bit rustier on the inside. The menu is, however, identical in both places, so the only difference between the restaurants is the waiters and the interior.

Ready for a steak in Budapest?

Pampas Steakhouse
Address: 1053 Budapest, Vámház krt. 6
Reservation: Fix your reservation here.

La Pampa
Address: 1065 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 23
Reservation: Fix your reservation here.

Eat your dinner at an outdoor market

The last option might sound strange, but if you want a dining experience in Budapest that you might remember for a long time, why not find an outdoor market and eat there? It might be the Easter market or one of the Christmas markets, but these are perfect places to taste very authentic and tasty Hungarian food. Here you will find Hungarian sausages, lots of pork, fresh salads, hot soups, and of course, lots of traditional Hungarian spirits and drinks.

This might sound boring, but it isn’t. At these markets, you will find lots of meals that you don’t find in average restaurants, and just take a look at the following picture from the Christmas market at the Vorosmarty square in 2019 to see what was served.

Rooster Testicles Stew

Do you see what was served here? Rooster Testicles Stew! It might not sound delicious, but it will for sure give you an experience that you will remember for a long time. And maybe you will even enjoy the taste? This is just one of many examples of what you can taste and eat at these outdoor markets in Budapest

Are you ready to eat your Budapest dinner?

We hope these nine suggestions will inspire and help you out. If you have further ideas or suggestions, write them down in the comment field beneath. Have you been to any of the places described? Feel free to write some feedback and tell us all about your experience!

The only thing that remains after this is to wish you GOOD APPETITE!

Book a table in Sir Lancelot Budapest

Would you like to book a table in Sir Lancelot Budapest? How to reserve a table in this popular Budapest restaurant? Look no further, the solution is right here!

Maybe you have read a positive review of Sir Lancelot Budapest online, or maybe a friend or some other family member have told you an amazing story about what’s going on in Sir Lancelot evening after evening? It doesn’t matter who told you something, what really matters is that you need to reserve a table actually to get a free table on the evening you are interested in.

We can help you book a table in Sir Lancelot Budapest
Reserve a table in Sir Lancelot Budapest

Well, here you can book your table in Sir Lancelot. Fill in the forms beneath, and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours confirming the table reservation.

You should notice that Sir Lancelot is packed in the evenings, and that is why they run their “show” in two sequences. You will, therefore, need to book your table from the time period between 18.00-21.00 or from 21.00 to 24.00. It is okay to book from 19.00-21.00 as well, but if you are a large group, it might be smart to arrive a bit earlier so that you will have plenty of time to finish your meal before you have to leave at 21.00.

Book a table in Sir Lancelot Budapest

Fill in the forms beneath, and select Sir Lancelot as your restaurant from the list of restaurants where we can help you book a table in Budapest.

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Do not forget to make your reservation according to the instructions earlier, meaning from either 18.00, 18.30, or from 19.00 (lasting until 21.00), or from 21.00 until midnight. Arrival at 20.00 is almost impossible, so it isn’t worth trying!

We hope you will enjoy your meal in Sir Lancelot Budapest.

Want to know more about Sir Lancelot Budapest before you book a table?

Did you know that Sir Lancelot is a medieval restaurant in Budapest? It is not in the very heart of the city center, but you can easily get there on foot from the central parts of Pest. It isn’t especially far from the Hungarian Parliament, from the Western Railway-station, and from the St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Sir Lancelot is known for serving giant portions, and during an evening in the restaurant, you can experience sword fights, belly dancing, and a whole lot of fun. Many larger groups order big plates of food for six or eight people, then sit down and eat together from the big plates. But, it is also possible to order one by one and eat whatever you pick from the menu.

How much does a meal cost in Sir Lancelot?

If you decide to buy a menu for yourself containing an appetizer, starter, main course and a dessert, you will find that the price for such a menu is between 7000 and 12,000 HUF. But they also have large plates for bigger groups. These are packed with food, and the plate for two persons costs around 20,000 HUF, while the plate for six persons costs around 44,000 HUF.

You can read more about Sir Lancelot right here. If you want to read more about other restaurants in Budapest, or maybe find out more about possible wine programs in Budapest, click the link.

Let us book your dinner and get 50% discount on the taxi

Budapest is a large city and it can be quite nice to have a taxi bringing you to the restaurant as you go out for dinner. To help our visitors arrange with this, we have made the following offer:

Let us book a dinner for you in any of the restaurants below, and we will give you 50% discount on the taxi. This means that from 2-4 persons the taxi price is max 2500 HUF (in most cases 1500 HUF), while for groups between 5-8 persons the price will be max 3500 HUF (in most cases 2500 HUF). The price is calculated based on the location of your hotel, so if it is far outside the citycenter the higher price should be expected.

If you would like to arrange with the transportation to the restaurant, just write it in the comment field the name of your hotel and that you request a transfer as you reserve your table, and we will write pick-up time and final price of the transfer in the confirmation that we normally send within 24-48 hours.

This offer is valid for the following restaurants, and only for dinner reservations (where the meal starts after 18.00):
Pampas Steakhouse
Matyas Pince
Sir Lancelot

Check out our Table Reservation page.

Based on the curencies of today the prices mentioned in Forints are:
1500 HUF = 5,60 EURO
2500 HUF = 9,40 EURO
3500 HUF = 13,15 EURO