Bread lángos at Vakvarjú

Lángos is a speciality in Hungary, and normally you buy this along the street and eat it with sour cream, garlic and other delicious stuff. It is fired in oil or fat, so it is not to healthy though. Kenyerlangos, or Bread lángos, is the version which is made in oven, so it is not so much oil stuck in your hands after eating it.

Vak Varju Budapest
Vak Varju Budapest

I always thought that I could only get hold of this on Hungarian national days and other special events, but then someone told me about Vakvarjú, a restaurant near the Opera where I can get it throughout the entire year. My friends who told me about it also told me that Vakvarjú was what they called the bread lángos in former days.

The bread lángos as I ate it in Vakvarjú was not something that should be included in a diet, but at least it was not fried in oil! For those who have never tasted anything like it, you should try to imagine a pizza, but with sour cream instead of tomato sauce on the doug. If it sounds interesting, try it yourself at Vakvarjú!

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