Best brownie in Budapest

Are you wondering where to eat the best brownie in Budapest? I am… I always enjoy trying out brownies as I go to restaurants and I almost end up disappointed in every place. Long time ago I remember someone telling me that Spoon has the best brownie in town. I tried, but I was not at all impressed! Then I heard that Negro has it… yet another disappointment. Then I tried it at Cream Cafe and Restaurant, and though the brownie portion I was served was extremely big, the taste was not!

Brownie in Burger King
Brownie in Burger King

I have for sure tried to eat brownies elsewhere as well, but so far I have to admit something that makes me kind of sad. Or I do not know, because in my eyes and in my opinion the best brownie in Budapest currently costs 420 Forints, and you can get it with vanilla ice cream in every single Burger King in town! I am not sure if the problem is with me, or what the problem is, but that is at least my thoughts on this matter.

Another similar case is the subject if onion rings. I read a comment on Pampas Steakhouse last week where someone wrote that their onion rings taste like the ones you get at Burger King (meaning that you almost don’t feel the onion inside). As I go to Pampas Steakhouse I order their onion rings almost every times, because they simply taste very good – exactly as I like them and love them. Maybe I am an anti-gourmet, or I don’t know, but the onion rings do not need to have an extreme onion taste – they just need to taste good!

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