Budapest Soup festival 2013

Hungary is a nation of soup and in 2013 a new tradition is about to be made. The Budapest Soup Festival (Budai Levesfesztivál) will be arranged for the first time in April 2013 and you are of course invited to come.

The soup festival of 2013 was originally meant to be arranged from April 19th-21st, but because of the high level of security required for the International Book Festival arranged on the same dates, the police did not let them arrange the festival at this time after all. New dates for the soup festival are one week later, from April 26th – April 28th.

At the soup festival you will be able to taste a mixture of Hungarian and international soups, you can listen to courses on how to prepare different soups and there will also be concerts and interesting stage productions. On the Saturday there will from early morning be arranged a soup making competition and the winner will be announced later on the Saturday.

How to get to the soup festival?
The soup festival will be arranged in the Elvis Presley Park, near the Margaret Bridge (original site was the open air parking lot of Mammut shopping center, but that has now been changed). The easiest way to get here is to travel with tram 4 or 6 to Margit hid (Budai Hidfo).

Soup festival 2013 information

Dates: April 26th – 28th
Entrance: Free
Location: Elvis Presley park
Opening times: 14.00 – evening (Friday), 10.00 – evening (Saturday/Sunday)
Original title: Budai Levesfesztivál

[toggle Title=”Buda Soup Festival 2013 report”]After lots of changes the festival was finally arranged at the Elvis Presley square on the Buda side. This was a poor location for such a festival, and quite hard to reach, but still it seemed as if the people visiting the festival enjoyed what they saw, drank and ate. There could have been more people (some of the people in the stands said), but considering all the changes and the fact that it was the first year, it wasn’t bad after all. Hopefully it will be repeated in 2013, but then at another location and without having to change the dates a few days before the original dates (it wasn’t the fault of the arrangers, but outer circumstances that made this happen, so we are not blaming the crew behind the festival for this).[/toggle]

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