Hungarian Shadow Dancers in Britain’s Got Talent

A few days ago a Hungarian showed up on the stage in Britain’s Got Talent. The group known as the Hungarian Shadow Dancers entered the talent show because they said it is the biggest of all such shows and they wanted to show themselves to the world.

Upon presenting themselves to the jury it was quickly discovered that the group did not have British origin. They therefore introduced themselves as the Shadow Dancers from Hungary and said that they came to the show to let the world get to know their skills as they entered the biggest talent show in the world-

Wonder what the performance of the Hungarian shadow dancers looked like? Take a look at it yourself in the video beneath originating from YouTube. If you want to watch a video where you can see the presentation and the comments from the jury in addition to the performance, take a look at the following video on YouTube.

Reactions to the Shadow Theatre Group

Simon Cowell after watching the performance of the Hungarians said: “Guys, I just want to say thank you actually for coming over to enter this competition. I’m always very flattered when people from other countries want to compete on this show and it is one of the best acts I’ve ever seen in terms of originality and it was very touching.”

Another member of the jury, Amanda Holden, said with a tear in her eye that “I actually can’t speak. I found that just so emotional and touching. You just made me really think about everything. It was amazing.”

The Shadow Dancers from Hungary, also known as Attraction or the Shadow Theatre Group, has now been raised as one of the favorites to win the entire competition. It would be extremely cool if they would get all the way to the final and win, but there is always a challenge to keep the quality of future performances, especially after such an awesome start.

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